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By Ezekiel Cooper 23 Mar 2016

The number may be from a Norwich exchange but it's allocated to sapwood es ms limited a supplier of VIP services. your call may well originate within a land far way away. see a .sapwood.coma among the problems with telex's here is that thousands of numbers within our exchanges have been allocated to carriers with names we scarcely recognize. sapwood es ms ltd has at this Norwich exchange alone.

By Channel Hawkins 03 Feb 2016

Trying to find outside who owns this number.

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    By karl ervin 21 May 2016

    who is the person who called me


    By Charles Makowski 13 Apr 2016

    named last night my wife decided upwards. purportedly political survey. if they are valid exactly why dint they id themselves properly


    By Holly Dubree 10 Jul 2016

    a person says hello and afterward hangs up.


    By Laila Sheikh 03 Jul 2016

    hi Hasbro BR could someone post the numbers you get through to HSBC on please i.e their fraud dept... saves hunting about plus the general number pleaded ignorance with me.BR BR thanks


    By Howard Peniston jr 20 May 2016

    keeps calling. no one on the line.


    By Mario Rocco 09 May 2016

    constantly calling me around times now. basically saying if i support his questions for around sec they will not fuss me again. but should i affirm his questions i did not ask to be contacted


    By Chernikue Johnson 17 May 2016

    i dint know


    By Joelene Crozier 18 Apr 2016



    By Adam Dolegiewicz 03 Jul 2016

    we just got a call from this amount.


    By Brenda Klammer 02 Jan 2016

    recently signed upwards with really.co.UK. i have now received one call every two or three hours until pm tonight for the last couple of nights.BR BR i have now inquired store direct very little woods etc to close my account and remove all of my details from their database.BR BR if you sign up with these online companies set up a junk email address and use an old telephone number or you will be spammed to oblivion.

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