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By kayleen jasperse 01 Jan 2016

I believe that its Tolstoy attempting to deliver among those second text to talk messages. their system must be having issues at the instant.

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    By Tiavis Thompson 28 Apr 2016

    sir pals made sure Ur statement if true. pals come with proved. now the limit for tel co bill just


    By Delacey Holley 30 Apr 2016

    the number named me at work.


    By Josh Tuirner 27 May 2016

    this maniac calls and calls again from BR


    By Michal Glodek 06 Jul 2016

    called and hung up when i answered.


    By Shielane Brioso 28 Jun 2016

    yes i have only received the same kind of Msgr BR hi please call instantly to discuss an important matter. estimate when you call thank you dun amp Bradstreet.BR BR obviously this is a scam as much as i am concerned as i have no dealings that would affect my credit evaluation.


    By Sara Ameigh 04 Apr 2016

    i missed it too. i used to reply numbers as have a grandson dwelling and working in London but have discovered they're all poi etc so now never response.


    By William Marqus 30 Jun 2016

    only had a phone call away this number they said its personal company matter. could i response a security question. after giving my address he desired my dob really asking my address is a security question is refused to give him my dob and he got face on saying i hadn't answered a security question and needed to inquire a few. be mindful because this has happened to me before from this amount. they inquire for bank details too. a legitimate company will ring away a property line number or .


    By dennison smith 28 Jun 2016



    By Jessica Alford 22 Jun 2016

    who call me


    By Abelardo Binsol 06 Jun 2016

    no one is on the line.

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