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By Brandon Toussaint 11 May 2016

Said i needed a attorney and that they were calling from some mediation firm about two companies that i allegedly owe money to from . never heard of the companies. calls are a scam.

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    By Kimberly Hirbeek 29 Jun 2016

    pretended to be a customer who wanted to avail of your merchandise service. once you re within the meeting area. hell inquire that you load him subsequently hell pay you once hes there. in our case its p.. no load was given to him but the put he sent us to was an hour away from our office. what a waste of time


    By Rosemary Humphrey 25 Apr 2016

    i keep receiving calls stating i have a small time to reduce my credit card interest rates. this is a scam i have contacted my credit card holders and actual companies don't spam call to reduce rates.


    By Scott Ogborn 04 Apr 2016

    no message left.


    By Cheryl Hector 08 Jun 2016

    exactly why u call me...


    By Liz Fultz 02 Apr 2016

    at . i received a call from this number saying they were calling about an injury id had inside the last years. i asked where they were calling from twice and they refused to say unless i answered their verification questions so i hung upwards on them. i have truly had a auto accident within the last years but it is all settled. i have additionally shifted address and telephone amount twice since afterward so someone has clearly sold my details on. not happy


    By Geraldine Reyes 18 Apr 2016

    i received a call from this amount no prefix on my cell phone. it was someone with a foreign emphasis who knew my first name. i hung upward without responding or waiting for identification. I'm sure it is a scam of some sort.


    By Cd Riley 10 Apr 2016

    please assess the number


    By Patrick Lebranch 28 May 2016

    keep becoming calls from this number


    By Lee Vicki 21 Jun 2016

    another fake caller id intercepted by our true call monitoring system. foreign call centres have obtained illegal accessibility to bank and council details


    By Deedra Cornelius 26 Jun 2016

    does anyone understand who this could be they keep calling but wont leave a voice Msgr

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