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By Brandon Toussaint 11 May 2016

Said i needed a attorney and that they were calling from some mediation firm about two companies that i allegedly owe money to from . never heard of the companies. calls are a scam.

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    By Morgan Hathcock 30 Jun 2016



    By Stephanie Carillo 09 Apr 2016

    i have no notion who this is. i have had countless scams but i dint believe this is one. it is worrying when i find unknown numbers often and have no idea who or what it's about


    By Don Suggs 24 Jun 2016

    who is this someone is demonstrating us in south Africa and we missed the call.


    By Julie Rothe 11 Jul 2016



    By Sheila Demshar 24 May 2016



    By Gitonia Morrison 03 Jun 2016

    poi press Bacall did so and got a UK sounding call middle still gave them the trumpet though.


    By Al West 16 Jun 2016

    i received call from an hour ago but it was intercepted by my accurate caller program notification barometrically that the company calling was sprint communications who also left voice mail message for me to call back which of course i wont neither would i press to cease further calls as i dint trust them. i have investigated and found that they furnish telecommunications to companies. just another company trying to get your cellular telephone oh one business


    By Dam Wojcik 31 May 2016

    telephone call


    By Sadas Asdasd 09 Apr 2016

    calls at least every other day.


    By Milessa Smith 29 Feb 2016

    err i pasted the erroneous link here it ISBN BR hotplate.algebra BR its full of annoying folks saying the same thing around again but it has several real numbers that have named with the same cruise ad so its worth a shot.BR BR incidentally some of the individuals said that if you decide upward and dint say anything the recording wont be activated.

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