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By Brandon Toussaint 11 May 2016

Said i needed a attorney and that they were calling from some mediation firm about two companies that i allegedly owe money to from . never heard of the companies. calls are a scam.

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    By Beverly Sharretto 07 Jul 2016

    received same call and same information but was given a diff name Mary with ext . and had to pay to get . and they would give me back the inside to min anyone can this and really get there money


    By Loren Dovico 18 Jun 2016

    nuisance chilly caller


    By Ina Maclean 03 Jul 2016

    auto boot finance are scum of the ground merely ignore the scum you cant get shit outside of a rocking horse when they ask for the person only say they're outside or place on a sill express and take the PS's outside of them more to life than worrying about money with any chance they will go under in the credit crunch


    By Kelvin Stover 13 Jul 2016

    anyone else getting calls from this telephone number


    By Tom Harowitz 01 Jun 2016

    calls all the time. does not leave any message.


    By Gail Caldiero 01 Jun 2016

    had a cold call from . BR an Indian gentleman who went to amazing lengths to illustrate to me that i allegedly had enormous problems with some form of sub viruses on my computer. i knew what was coming so strung him along for about minutes before he told me he needed to transfer me to a colleague who could connect inside to my computer to correct all these problems for me.BR said he was from a company called citron in London.BR i eventually told him he was lying and i was having nothing to would with him. he complained i had wasted his time and put the phone down.


    By H Werner Teichert 01 Jan 2016

    called me on my mobile amount. did not leave a message.


    By Jesse Clah 11 Jul 2016

    ripped off with car


    By Kelton Hardman 13 Feb 2016

    Courtney from Australian events. merely not getting the hint.


    By Marilyn Schubert 22 Feb 2016

    i am experiencing just the same

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