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By Roberto Sheets 19 Apr 2016

Who could it be

By Lynette Spry 11 Apr 2016

Another poi promise caller when will they stop

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    By Darcie Bement 10 Jun 2016

    any idea who could call from this telephone amount.


    By Alexis Robinson 06 Jun 2016

    unknown number.


    By Connie Yingling 15 May 2016

    called minutes ago Indian emphasis calling from windows..... need any more be said these fraudsters seem to be competent to use a multiplicity of numbers starting also short numbers. i dint normally response calls whose numbers aren't understood to me merely let the answer machine deal with them. however my husband unwittingly picked upward the telephone this time. how are these crooks capable to accessibility such numbers


    By HELEN BRIDWELL 08 Jun 2016

    voice of female


    By Mert Tugcu 08 Mar 2016

    recorded message about poi refunds from banks.


    By Kris Tirtel 21 Jun 2016

    the caller left no message.


    By Marisa Wilde 18 Jun 2016

    they rang my partners phone asking for my telephone amount she wouldn't give it to them luckily and hopefully they wont keep calling her


    By steven conrad 20 May 2016

    picked up phone no reply. shortly after it said goodbye and put telephone down. fleck away I am at work


    By Katherine Levin 07 Jul 2016

    these individuals have been calling me several times a day for the last two days and i am tremendously fed upwards with it. they become rude vulgar and threatening when i attempt to get them to leave me alone. something needs to be done to shut these Indian dirt bags down.


    By Mark Rudge 09 Apr 2016

    exactly why r u calling my number and who r you

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