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By Patricia Philpott 08 Mar 2016

Received a call with a caller id of just .BR clearly fake.

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    By Audrey helen Hart 07 Apr 2016

    i am with small woods but i don't owe them any money. i have saved numbers for them within my phone in case they call again so i know whether to decide up. been getting calls from this amount all week and literally now i have had calls and its only pm i refuse to decide upwards or call back when they dint so considerably as leave a message to tell me who they're. they're ridiculous


    By Gary Fortenberry 03 Apr 2016

    stop calling me


    By Francisco u Lopez 29 Apr 2016

    caller said they were from discuss discuss. kept me on phone for an hour due to problems with computer and then started asking for bank details. pretty sure this is a scam.


    By Cole James 06 Mar 2016

    trying to find outside who calls from this amount.


    By Brett Marquardt 03 Jul 2016

    exactly why you named me


    By Abbey Pennock 17 May 2016

    this amount is fairly local to us so i replied it. she said she was calling on behalf of some energy company and i tried to tell her that her call was illegal as we are taps registered but carried on talking over me so i warned her i was putting the phone down. i thought Cameron was imagined to make these calls illegal it might have worked for a while but the number of unwanted calls is rising again. they take no detect of taps.


    By Carmel Etchberger 07 May 2016

    scam credit investigation section presumably attempting to get some private details or something


    By Patricia Calhoun-Glover 02 May 2016

    I have just had a call on the land line from Jennifer with a really strong Indian Accenture claiming there's a trouble with my Microsoft computer she said it needs saving no abbr i inquired her what she born with the name conferee BR she told me to go to hell and hung up on me


    By Jeff Kurchina 08 Jul 2016

    keeps calling my amount.


    By Shazia Parv 23 May 2016

    received a chilly call from this amount about pensions.

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