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By Virginia Warthen 13 May 2016

Mine came from on . he had an accent but i could not tell if it was a Latino or Indian accent. he told me he was from some national department in dc. he told me i was among the few to be selected to receive a grant for being a great citizen. he told me he was going to transfer me to new York and the money would be transferred right away. he said i could have the money transferred to credit card debit card bank account etc. at this point i interrupted him to ask what the name of the give was again he told me the name but i didn't recall it and desired to Google it while we were on the phone. i heard him rattling through papers and he said it is uh...uh...uh... and subsequently he hung up on me. i was disappointed because i was searching forward to questioning him further.

By Amanda Willoughby 12 Apr 2016

Named and hung upward without a word.

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    By bret fangsrud 07 Jun 2016

    i got a telephone call from this amount locate WHO's that


    By Lester Scaff 06 Jul 2016

    since around one week i get calls from this amount. when i reply the phone there is no response


    By shantel harris 04 May 2016

    don't reply these calls. its a enormous scam attempt and price trap too


    By Andrei Bourtsev 17 Apr 2016

    survey company Indian sounding gentleman by the name of john Matthew


    By Hugh Krenzel 12 Jul 2016

    i filled in an online question form for supreme trading.com which i now consider is us based. their financial projection seemed to be too good to be true. the website suggested contacting an EU based broker if i was not inside USA. subsequently came this unsolicited call.


    By Cyndi Gare 25 May 2016



    By Tony Lopardo 01 Jul 2016



    By Logistics Complete 06 Jul 2016

    hi..i would like to know this number....i got a missed call from this number


    By schneider robert 25 Jun 2016

    yet another poi call this time saying i may still be owed cash from my poi claim but I am not even giving these folks the time of day as I'm sure the promise i made direct with the company who'd sold me the poi within the first put would now how much i was owed at the time and I'm sure what the yd paid me would be right they must use people in your local region as the telephone code is for my local area


    By Daryle Quinton 09 May 2016

    received call from quiet.......

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