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By Virginia Warthen 13 May 2016

Mine came from on . he had an accent but i could not tell if it was a Latino or Indian accent. he told me he was from some national department in dc. he told me i was among the few to be selected to receive a grant for being a great citizen. he told me he was going to transfer me to new York and the money would be transferred right away. he said i could have the money transferred to credit card debit card bank account etc. at this point i interrupted him to ask what the name of the give was again he told me the name but i didn't recall it and desired to Google it while we were on the phone. i heard him rattling through papers and he said it is uh...uh...uh... and subsequently he hung up on me. i was disappointed because i was searching forward to questioning him further.

By Amanda Willoughby 12 Apr 2016

Named and hung upward without a word.

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    By Buddy Osborne 01 May 2016

    i dint understand the caller but the caller aims he kn owns me..he is threatening me


    By Wesley Sommerville 06 Mar 2016

    when i replied nobody was there.


    By Christal Stevenson 15 Mar 2016

    no one responded.


    By Lenora Lee 18 Mar 2016

    multiple phone calls


    By Tulloo Varmayasdeo 17 Mar 2016

    I have had calls from this number within hour BR its a fax that responses. why


    By Dirk Ykema 02 May 2016

    inquired if id had any delayed flights inside the last years. said no and they thanked me for my time and hung upwards.


    By Sherlyn Hatch 02 Jan 2016

    VIP calls from Shannon talcum voice.BR BR business address Hamilton terrace Milford haven SA AL


    By Sean Vivier 20 Mar 2016

    got calls


    By Justin Chanku 02 Jun 2016

    who is calling this number


    By Grover Crider 07 Jan 2016

    an hour past no message

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