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By Virginia Warthen 13 May 2016

Mine came from on . he had an accent but i could not tell if it was a Latino or Indian accent. he told me he was from some national department in dc. he told me i was among the few to be selected to receive a grant for being a great citizen. he told me he was going to transfer me to new York and the money would be transferred right away. he said i could have the money transferred to credit card debit card bank account etc. at this point i interrupted him to ask what the name of the give was again he told me the name but i didn't recall it and desired to Google it while we were on the phone. i heard him rattling through papers and he said it is uh...uh...uh... and subsequently he hung up on me. i was disappointed because i was searching forward to questioning him further.

By Amanda Willoughby 12 Apr 2016

Named and hung upward without a word.

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    By jane candela 04 Apr 2016

    got call from this amount only cancelled the call and the buggers still left and answer message claiming to be from yell.com offering a free listing inside their web pages give the number to call back


    By Paula Hanke 05 Apr 2016

    it's a fake amount. granting to of com that batch of numbers has not been issued for use. worth blocking if you will.


    By Eric Wilmarth 02 May 2016

    received a call from this amount while was talking on other line.


    By Penny Copman 28 Apr 2016

    no messages


    By Adam Applegate 01 Apr 2016

    only wanting a name of the caller


    By D. w. Mcmillin 27 Apr 2016

    oust had this missed call.


    By Alex Inniss 13 Apr 2016

    when i replied i could hear respiration typing on a computer computer keyboard and an office environment. despite nearly shouting hello times no one answered. i lately purchased from misc so maybe it's a disgruntled employee or a problem with the phones


    By Aimee Holihen 11 Jun 2016

    adv antis some debt collecting company BR obviously nobody has taken out a contract with them so if you get to talk to them give no details and request they contact you in writing if they have details for you and if they can have details stored afterward they're illegally stored.BR plus debt group is actually arbitration between two parties. so if you ha vent agreed to use their services then you may clearly fire them


    By James Fras ii 13 Jun 2016

    trying to locate outside who calls from this telephone amount.


    By Myrna Lakin 09 Apr 2016


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