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By Juan Dela cruz de soriano 10 Jun 2016

This sequence of apparently central London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com could can around it. dint waste time blocking as amount continually changes last digits. just ignore. or better still reply amp love winding upwards Natasha or whatever else fictitious name shes using

By Benjamin Algaze 12 May 2016


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    By Megan Fedele 01 May 2016

    a call from this strange amount ...but no message left ....so no phoning them back under no circumstances...


    By Ruth Banados 09 Jul 2016

    this number poses as a credit services company. fully bogus. tries to get advice from you.


    By Joslyn Gillespie 10 Jul 2016

    among many property line and mobile numbers this company use to trick you into answering your phone. calls upward to ten times today. pests.


    By Bryna Erblich 23 May 2016



    By Teh Spaemzorz 21 May 2016

    received call as shortly as i decided upward the caller disconnected the call


    By Lie Percy 07 Mar 2016

    missed call on my mobile i live inside Ireland


    By Yolonda Sturm 28 Jun 2016

    this number called me today and didn't respond when i said hello...i just place the phone down. i always tell myself that i wont answer calls with unusual searching numbers as I am left orated by their cheek I am still irate after hr


    By Brenda Fuqua 23 Feb 2016

    i understand this man contacts lee pass subject alto


    By C Schafer 13 May 2016

    auk receive call from this no at .pm. Nam burdock Pompeian Ni Tanya Dario Bataan pedestrian Samoan..DOA clap Nam auk Alan DI blacklisting Dan semi akin auk Alan DI Balkan...seat auk kl debunking UK keys muffles jeer. Twp glut pun ya passel auk lay an jeer...DOA CAP such call dengue Azana Dr attorney company.DOA saga G bole stop Arabian Tu.bi la call DOA KP auk keen settle Huang co way rm Jew pun before Jul PG Ni...auk deficiency Th DE cash..pausing la pin jam Ken..nab batik Ada G Saudi to long walloping mammalian...bi la DA Bayer mealy cash deposit machine DOA such whats app slip Tu Essential no Ni ..bi la auk try call balk no Tanya Tu x DPT..afterward Google Kate internet jump web site Ni..subsequently Boru auk tau repaint DA excursion...Twp take la.at least DA settle Huang Dan co manner amp DE prominent...auk DA call email co manner passel Bender Ni...auk DA Sims dengue Azana Tu...cert.....clap DOA Tu began lawyer Twp Dr Yuri debt group...torus sen yap...he ran la Tu comma auk Leah tau...Hohhot.thanks u all at least auk tau jabbering...


    By Harvey Hood 08 May 2016

    some type of call centre when i phoned it back

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