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By Marilyn Parsley 26 Apr 2016

Got a call from this amount. any thought who it could be

By Cindy Maubach 18 Feb 2016

My e email id no SGML.com

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    By Ginett Fernandez de lara 21 Feb 2016

    calls cell phone


    By Susan Lallak 18 Jun 2016

    judging by the various and rather distinct responses to the question of whom this caller is i would suggest that everyone not give any identifying details particularly credit card details around the telephone.BR BR i was told they were valuate very rude man who when inquired around the company address he was calling from and would only say south Melbourne when pressed would just say where the grand pr ix is raced. refused to give me his name his contact details or even the degree of the building he was calling from. BR BR if you do talk to a individual ask them what the weather is like where they're once the scummier told me that it was a wonderful sunny day in fact had been hideous storms and tremendously overcast for days...BR BR undoubtedly this is a scam. there has never been anyone at my address ever who has ever been covered under ambulance Victoria nor will there ever be we dint even live in that stater BR i would say that it is among those blank numbers designed to access your details from overseas. of which there are many.BR BR so be cautious.


    By Lora Morrow 09 Apr 2016

    they left a message around a tire i ordered. called back and no response. sent a text message saying incorrect person afterward my cell telephone beeped saying i missed a call and had a express mail. then i received a text with my message and another amount was displayed with mine which was and mine . kind of shady. now merely watching my accounts for any funny company.


    By Calvin Clump 20 May 2016

    i desire to know where this individual stay and i want to understand her his name and sir name and his her full details


    By Shanisha Cabrera 22 Jun 2016

    got a telephone call from


    By Chris Brunelle 17 Feb 2016

    got a call on my cell.


    By Kristina Meinzer 31 Jan 2016

    any idea who could call from this telephone amount.


    By Susan Passano 12 Jun 2016

    received a phone call from this number. no express message left.


    By Stefanie Neal 07 Jun 2016

    when calls from this number comes no reply


    By Yolanda Guy 18 Mar 2016

    a power company surveyor said they give the survey money to charity

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