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By Timothy Deats 12 Jun 2016

Keeps calling me turns out its a pyramid call

By Dianne Mcgee 18 Feb 2016

Not reported here at a ..coma but has been at a similar website called wholesome.org inside early but no reviews.

By Acacia Taylor 06 Feb 2016

Did not reply.

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    By Adam Pearson 18 Jun 2016

    no para DE Lamar


    By Sarah Seaver 04 Feb 2016

    I have just got one say within been charged British pound i ha vent downloaded anything and I am freak within out Cu's my father pays my bills and really dent want his card to get hacked or anything. have any of you actually been charged yet


    By Kenneth Mordick 14 Apr 2016

    i got a call at am this morning my only day off. these individuals call me at all hours of the day amp nighttime and from random numbers. i happen to understand a little bit about dealers and i know how they re accomplishing this. its called a computer dial er and they get numbers from all region codes and set the phone amount lists into the computer. the computer software makes outbound calls from whatever arbitrary outbound phone lines are accessible and when the person on the other end responses it puts you on hold and connects you to a live rep. well apparently calling me at am on my day off when I'm sick isn't enough they named back. they got an earful. i dint owe anyone any cash and i ha vent for years. response the call say hello wait for the rep to come online and afterward merely advise them that you will report them to the FTC if they dint remove your number from their list. they simply have to take it outside of the computer list. I've done this not for group agencies and its not rocket science. but if they dint desire to honour feel free to report them to the FTC for harassment. enough complaints will place them on the radar amp the FTC will shut them down if they will establish that they re violating FTC regulations. if they re not registered with the FTC to work with this type of outbound dialing across the whole us if they ha vent paid their registration fees they ll be done.


    By Victor Kees 27 Mar 2016

    i missed a call from this amount.


    By Erin Drella 16 Mar 2016

    got a call from this amount. no message left.


    By arnold anderson 16 Apr 2016

    got a call from this amount.


    By Michelle Cleek 24 Mar 2016

    please check


    By Sami Wix 03 Jul 2016

    from zodiac.cg.cascara a...


    By BRAD BURKHOLZ 09 May 2016

    this business said they were working inside conjunction with my doctors surgery but it is not our area code and they would not give the name of the company. needed to manage repeat prescription. hung upwards when i inquired for more info


    By Trena Muongvang 04 May 2016

    take a look here a .nicknamed.coma

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