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By Georgia a Kutella 21 Apr 2016


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    By Cherie Cathlina 22 Jan 2016

    received a telephone call from this number. the caller left no express message.


    By Dalonda Taylor 06 Mar 2016

    called my house phone early on a Monday morning but did not leave a message. Argo ... despise getting woke upward early on my day away by a jerk spammer scanner who hangs up without leaving a message. i used my cell phone to call the amount but got an answering machine of course. it said ... thank you for calling ... your call is quite significant to us. to talk to a representative press to have your number removed from our database press . i did neither and hung up. ugh ... i wish there was a manner to stop the a hole companies who intrude on peoples lives enjoy this day within and day out. i despise them


    By Dawn Wig 05 Jun 2016

    definitely you do not know what this newsgroup is for. providing unsolicited testimonial after months for a boiler room scam is actually an excellent manner of bringing the amount to the focus of more folks. bravo. t.a.g. will be ....... underwhelmed.


    By Evangeline Greenmier 03 Jul 2016

    no one is on the line.


    By mlb78 sbcglobal.net Kyle 21 Apr 2016

    i truly went for an interview with them last year near June time. i was naive and really needed a occupation so went along with it. i got there an enjoy everyone else was told id be within a group of loads of folks an just a certain amount chosen. of class i was selected and told to go in the following day. they took me to some put within Bolton at first had to get two buses and pay my own way. on the way back the guys who i went with stayed at the put we were which was Morison's an left me to get the bus back on my own i had no thought where i was. i went back the next day for my first proper day at work. stood in Morison's for hours right striving to sell talk discuss to no one who cared. this was inside wales had to pay my train fare there of class and earned not a single penny for all those hours i have no notion what they re really striving to realize here individuals go in and realize its bull an never go back. how exactly are they making cash they also named me now to attempt and offer me an interview sent me an email this morning asking me to ring them i didn't so they rang me hours later. as soon as i saw Dickinson house threes no manner id attend


    By Erin Swengel 24 Mar 2016

    calls and hangs upwards.


    By Franklin Anolt 10 Jun 2016

    to not present the offer of speaking to an representative is prohibited if more than of their calls aren't connected. i would report them to of com under the misuse of telecommunications action. the fine is around to go upward to for breaching this legislation.


    By Neice Butler 25 Mar 2016

    unknown always calling me


    By Forrest Kraft 12 Jun 2016

    keeps calling. who might it be


    By Carol Fjerstad 13 May 2016

    please listen to the following significant message

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