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By Bernice Aversteeg 24 Feb 2016

Need to locate out who it's.

By Faafe Gnauamo 16 Feb 2016

I got also a call from this company to sell shares of organic Nov. amount to be send to Vega small wan seat Hmong Kong unexpected

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    By Becky Sines 13 Jan 2016

    harassment wanting to would a survey asking to talk to my son WHO's they asked me for my surname. i said u named me. asked me my age. i called them back gave them a danger of reporting them. insisted if they called again. i have had calls prior to this


    By Timothy edward Donohue 14 Apr 2016

    unknown amount calling


    By Rhoan Brown 17 Feb 2016

    called but left no message i dint understand who because if its an number it does not get answered.


    By Ave 3 Mack 06 Mar 2016

    merely wondering who is calling


    By Menzie Donnet 11 Jun 2016

    dead air


    By Glen Rothell 01 Jul 2016

    silent call to my mothers acreage line shes worried its some scam she heard around that can use your amount to create calls she called my number....clear so she said if you make a call that's answered after receiving a scam call afterward you will prove that these stolen amount calls were not made by you......i dint quite understand what she was on around so believed id look the number upwards and leave her message around the experience


    By Eric Kwan 25 May 2016

    same matter this is a final message from the IRS were filing suit against you. blah blah blah


    By Thomas Hokanson 26 May 2016

    missed call me


    By MARY SAMONS 09 Jun 2016

    claimed to be from a bank


    By Harold Pickerell 12 Apr 2016

    who is this attempting to sell me poi accident claims windows fixes or any other related detritus these low life's feed off

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