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By Bernice Aversteeg 24 Feb 2016

Need to locate out who it's.

By Faafe Gnauamo 16 Feb 2016

I got also a call from this company to sell shares of organic Nov. amount to be send to Vega small wan seat Hmong Kong unexpected

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    By Jac Cushman 21 Apr 2016

    my partner requested info from them. they're now calling every day Barr weekend. such an irritation. have stopped lifting the telephone to them.


    By Jonathan Baldus 14 Apr 2016

    i received two calls from this amount today both times a message was left. my ringer was away so i missed both calls. when i checked the messages it was a rep she did give her name but no need to post it here with the IL dept of rev. she left a message for Jane doe again actual name not needed and as a return amount. this is a legit line. it's accurate this precise amount isn't listed on the IL dept of revs website because it's a direct line to the rep.


    By Sarita Rex 24 Jun 2016

    you have this bizarre dialogue where you talk a lot but cannot truly get to the point. bit like relationships really...BR BR brilliant


    By Deborah Pontes 25 Mar 2016

    did you report it because i got the same telephone call perhaps merely an hour ago


    By Betty Turnheim 25 Feb 2016

    have had a call today from this number re recent road accident no notion which business they symbolize but when i recognized the number and ignored it they subsequently began calling from a private amount so unable to ignore as not sure who was calling.


    By Scarlett rose Hart 15 May 2016

    call and hang up


    By Willie Mcneil jr 17 Mar 2016

    heads up i purchased this BTU complex call blocker cordless phone greatest ever spend these numbers dint even ring within the house


    By Lyssanne m Molina 18 Apr 2016

    got a call last night no message l assume its insurance


    By Craig Rabin 11 Jun 2016



    By Floribel Carlos 10 Apr 2016

    keeps calling

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