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By Amanda r Reider 05 Jul 2016

How do you stop these calls i already have the Twp service which stops nuisance calls but because it's international or outside of place they are getting through. we all know its a scam but they ring me or times a day and over the last week its got so early i am still within bed. its really worrying as becoming calls before am makes you believe a member of your family has a issue and you dash to the phone.BR BR i went literally angry today after the fourth call and was told to f...k away by the Indian individual on the end of the telephone. i inquired not to be rung again and that there's no manner they would have any info on the running of my computer. BR BR figure what hours later another call. who will advise on the best way to quit these calls who do you ring

By Ronald Zimerer 03 Apr 2016

They call many times a week. i never answer but it is quite annoying



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    By Lorraine Vodvarka 29 Apr 2016

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    By Randall Rivas 12 May 2016

    who this person


    By Sade' Sims 13 May 2016

    seven calls from this number now to my cellular telephone.. one every hour. i have had so many calls from these people despite having told them repeatedly that i am not interested. i generally get between seven and fifteen calls a day from them. cellular telephone provider say they cant do anything to block the amount.


    By DANIEL REVANDER 20 May 2016

    use my photograph to their profile picture


    By Marvin Cassel 01 Jul 2016

    calls when picked upward nobody there BR date within time within mastery BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR


    By Brain Breshears 21 May 2016

    i got a call from this number to my cellular telephone..... answered it but silence


    By Annabel Heim 11 May 2016



    By Peter Karter 12 May 2016



    By MONTY COOK 01 Jun 2016

    this is either a phishing call or scam call of some other type. middle eastern man claiming to be from windows support. first off they dint randomly call people secondly this person does not even understand that it's Microsoft windows support not windows Microsoft support. if you receive these calls make a proper complaint on the FTC complaint site with all the information you may supply. don't supply them with any information of any kind about you or your computer BR a Herefords.. HTTP.. a


    By Rhonda Lipp 06 May 2016

    this number has named my dwelling several times.

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