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By Amanda r Reider 05 Jul 2016

How do you stop these calls i already have the Twp service which stops nuisance calls but because it's international or outside of place they are getting through. we all know its a scam but they ring me or times a day and over the last week its got so early i am still within bed. its really worrying as becoming calls before am makes you believe a member of your family has a issue and you dash to the phone.BR BR i went literally angry today after the fourth call and was told to f...k away by the Indian individual on the end of the telephone. i inquired not to be rung again and that there's no manner they would have any info on the running of my computer. BR BR figure what hours later another call. who will advise on the best way to quit these calls who do you ring

By Ronald Zimerer 03 Apr 2016

They call many times a week. i never answer but it is quite annoying



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    By Frank Vetters 17 Jun 2016

    keep becoming calls using local code but not anyone i know


    By Janie Russom 24 May 2016

    phoned and left no message.


    By Rose Slusher 14 Jun 2016

    rang to tell me that i needed to open my computer as i had a virus. told them i would report it to the authorities and they hung upwards.


    By James Akolacki 14 Apr 2016

    please who wants what from me


    By MARC VANDIVER 27 Mar 2016

    nuisance call rang three times afterward ended call. have assessed sites do not decide up caller blocked now.


    By Cherise Murphy 07 Jul 2016

    single guy


    By Hotgirl42202 yahoo.com Keesha 20 Apr 2016

    phoned now at am. the caller with an Indian accent said his name was Brian and was a Microsoft accredited tech. i inquired him where he was calling from and he said London i inquired what the weather was like inside London and he said that he was calling about my computer not to discuss the weather. the inference i got from this was he didn't like me wasting his time. i additionally inquired why if he was calling from London why my caller id showed that his number begins he told me that my telephone was really old and needed replacing because it's no good.BR BR i pointed outside to him that he was an insult to to his ancestors and that they were rotting within Hades because of him but he didn't like that and became verbally abusive. something along the lines of you effing fer you are fin stupid and you f fin f f etc etc. i dint believe this is suitable language for a Microsoft tech to be using over the telephone to a faithful customer. he than had the tenacity to hang up on me.BR BR this line around my computer is causing problems to the web is becoming a bit tired by i cant believe that anyone falls for that anymore. not only that i dint like little Hts calling me upward and saying my phones a liar. call me a liar but dint insult my telephone that's what got me annoyed.BR BR call type phishing scam which needs adding to the call kind list. unknown is the nearest choice available.


    By Frederick Finch 08 May 2016



    By Carlos Olivas 26 Jun 2016

    car injury sequestrating to rob you. should be prosecuted.


    By Laurie Sugatan 31 Mar 2016

    quite early within the morning

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