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By Marcus Ballenger 03 Jul 2016

Had a amount of calls from this amount..after dial ling u cannot call this amount back it simply tells u to hang upwards...

By Mark Grey 03 Jun 2016

There are no numbers a .telephone codes.infected caller identity is now so frequently fake that I am sure you you made no blunder there. there might be no more reports.

By Phillip Staver 03 May 2016

Received a call from this amount while was talking on other line.

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    By Penelope Trezza 12 Jun 2016

    named my cell telephone.


    By Walsh Gerald 22 Mar 2016

    calls all the time.


    By Courtney Zyber 30 Jun 2016

    calls keep coming although i am registered with do not call registry and even have this listed on voice message stop harassing


    By Debra K. Hardman 18 Jan 2016

    me too


    By alicia claiborne 15 Apr 2016

    i received a call from this amount claiming to be charabanc asking me to create an overdue payment on a card that i did not own by calling an amount. when i contacted Shrek they told me they dint have any numbers and not to respond.


    By Clima Johnson 10 May 2016



    By Brenda L. Norflin 31 May 2016

    countless calls and no answer


    By Santina Carpenter 25 Jun 2016

    was contacted by this amount who seemed to have my name who claimed initially to be calling from a UK legal help and who needed to speak to me about the motor accident i had inside the last couple of years. i have not had any accident so they were certainly representing false information. i asked for their details so i could report them to the authorities. the person on the phone told me his name was Jonathan Rooney from UK aid based at brie road PO FY. no such organization or address truly exists.


    By Jeffrey Tardiff 09 Mar 2016

    this individual cheated my money. desire to ensure the owners identity before reporting to the police.


    By DANIEL MONTES 02 Mar 2016

    no message

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