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By Milton Taylor 08 Jun 2016

Called two times today. no message left.

By Don Shwagler 01 May 2016

Replied silent call ended

By Neil Dayton 13 Jan 2016

Law suit file against us consider scram

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    By Elaine Allen 01 Jul 2016

    this amount named i never answered immediately followed by subsequently again BR appears to be all the same chilly calling business about an accident i had months past trying sell me some sort of injury insurance.


    By Frank Swancey 03 May 2016

    getting miss call from this number


    By Tammara Adams 08 Mar 2016

    who called me


    By M Spearmon 05 Jun 2016

    got a disconnected call when answered


    By Betsy Choate 01 Jul 2016

    repeated chilly call ling asking for a person who had never been on this amount. i tell them to hold while i got the person they are asking for and just left them hanging. eventually they might get the message


    By Bill Cotey 23 Mar 2016

    not sure what this is about...but its around the Th time its rung...attempted to call back but it says number is not recognized...any info significantly appreciated...


    By mail mahidagroup.com Uv 12 Mar 2016

    wow. for an enforcement policeman your grammar is quite poor. i suppose an education isn't needed when your throwing your weight about. i know of several people who have fallen foul of this business even whilst either paying their debt or no debt is remarkable. heavy handedness threats prohibited entry through compel within to somebody's house. this list is not exhaustive. if someone owes a debt an understanding that at the time it was happened they most probably could manage all repayments. circumstances transform and maybe a less intimidating and more sympathetic ear would be more accepted when you abruptly arrive at someones dwelling.


    By Albert l Norris 15 May 2016

    kept calling believe its a scam dint pick up


    By Alison Metz 18 May 2016

    IRS scam man with Indian accent left message. hello this is policeman john martin of the IRS. i am calling to notify you that a legal detect has been issued in your name. kindly get within touch with our audit section at . it's a matter of urgency that we speak to you.BR this is fake the IRS never communicates by phone just by postal mail. i reported this to the treasury inspector general for tax government a hereafter.treasury.gov.treasury.Gilmore info on these scams will be found here a hereafter.IRS.gov.IRS.gov


    By Elicabeth Jones 23 Jun 2016

    i received a chilly call from a girl with a homely Yorkshire accent trying to get me interested within a better USA return upward to . when i upbraided her for phoning me she merely replied I'm just doing my occupation. usual tower of babel background sound. i could not quite create outside what alleged business she represented. had enough. replaced receiver.

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