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By Gilliam Levi 22 Feb 2016

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    By Kymberly Hedgepeth 16 Apr 2016

    yes i had one now asking me if i was the named card holder so i simply pressed a crucial then it said that my card was in problems with fraud and that it was going to issue me with a new one perhaps its when they call at the door and inquire for the old card and u signal for the new one and hay presto they have all your details and your card ... look out i say god i just hate these people


    By Stacey Runion 23 Apr 2016

    who call me


    By Lupe Arceo 03 Jan 2016

    saber a quine pertinence Ester numeric


    By Ruban w Gomez 09 Jul 2016

    got a call this afternoon at . from this amount i replied and said hello twice and they hung up subsequently at . they named back but this time was only hushed i must have said hello at least seven times subsequently i hung up .. gotta be scampers hoping you ll telephone back subsequently you get charged something enjoy for the call be careful


    By Patrick Deny 20 Apr 2016

    this is a you've had an injury we will get you compensation call. quite frustrating


    By Joe Nickeson 26 Jun 2016

    telephone calls with no one on line when picked up.


    By Brad Adrea 29 Jan 2016

    we simply received a similar call from this amount the name given was value property services and he asked for some info about among our clients contractors


    By mario bailey 17 Jun 2016

    this is the windows it helpline. yeah right i got a call yesterday and told the guy i knew it was a scam. then i got a call now and i told the man about the earlier call. he said that he knew about the earlier call and that's exactly why he was calling to save me from the scampers what an idiot they need you to log inside to your computer and place a security code within your windows licence deal. this will apparently save you from viruses but i am sure this puts a virus inside your computer that you subsequently need to pay these scumbags to remove. how do these vile creatures live with themselves knowing that they re actively scamming people


    By Adam Kywanfard 23 Jun 2016

    had a telephone call from this number saying that they were visa and that i had a refund can on my card. the card details that they gave me was from a card that was cancelled as some one had tried to use it in Kenya. the amount being . be warned


    By Alexander Rook 02 Jun 2016

    apparently the pension review board ask if they're a government body and they ll hang upward on you.

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