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By Gilliam Levi 22 Feb 2016

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    By Maria Sunseri 03 May 2016

    simply ring and when replied they hang upward what exactly are they playing at these sorts of calls need to be stopped


    By Rory Parnell 30 Mar 2016

    i simply had them call me but from a different number. when i said i was not interested and hung up he rang back saying he was a bailiff and would be round my house to smash my door within before telling me i can hang upward. obnoxious prick.


    By Vicki Fisk 22 Jun 2016

    Homeric i have this amount on a letter re pa ye


    By Cynthia Riley 02 May 2016

    Burns Dias ten go dos lambadas intervals DE Ester numeric


    By Lakreshia Little 15 Jun 2016

    i am not joyful that this amount named me laughed hysterically and threateningly and put the phone down. who is this


    By Thomas Tibbitts 06 May 2016

    named my unpublished house number.


    By Les Raub 29 Mar 2016

    named me everyday for the last weeks i answered today after being stuck inside traffic for a total hour so my patience degree was perfect. they claimed to be from define offering me a new phone i cut her dead on the telephone and informed her if i was not taken away the call list immediately i would be reporting them for continuous harassment and additionally informed her that if she was from define she should be quite worried as i was calling head office to complain. she apologized and hung upward.


    By Charles Lawhorn 19 Apr 2016

    my caller id showed this number.


    By Denise Carvalho 21 May 2016

    WHO's this number anyone knows


    By Tracy Miller 16 Apr 2016

    repeated calls from this business for months then tonight rang asking to sell glazing. enjoyed becoming me irritated don't fuss answering.

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