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By Gilliam Levi 22 Feb 2016

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    By Buford Mallo 12 Jul 2016

    i have at least twice miscall from this no within days. there was another once last few day. I'm wondering who is this too.


    By Edward Lefkowitz 26 Mar 2016

    just enjoy others have reported an Indian sounding woman who said she was from Microsoft and that there were problems with my computer. having heard of this scam and never however having been a receiver of such calls l kept the call going for a short while out of interest until she asked me to sit inside front of my computer. I have better things to would on a Saturday so i rang away. i believe these folks should be brought to account for all the misery stress and time wasting they have caused scum not scam


    By Pearl Velasco 06 May 2016

    telephone calls with no one on line when decided up.


    By Cody Luquet 09 May 2016

    this is a genuine royal mail number from the crackled royal mail delivery office. if this number calls it is likely to be around a letter or parcel that could not be delivered without further info or directions. they named me because they had a parcel and couldn't get previous an entry gate as i was outside when they called.


    By Amanda Hfaklfhj 28 Mar 2016

    called same time in the evening twice now did not response. no message


    By Vinay Pillai 09 Jul 2016

    i answer they hang upward.


    By Lana Popok 02 Apr 2016

    who is you


    By Amy j Halberstadt 23 May 2016

    this number is bogus its from a company posing as American express fraud section but they themselves are the fraudsters i got a official looking letter through the post saying to urgently call this amount BR but going through the official number on the back of the card they confirmed this is a phishing letter...BR BR incidental i also had a call from the same amount claiming to be a poi refund business BR always telephone the amount on the back of the card


    By SHAMIKA JOHNSON 27 Apr 2016

    unknown caller.


    By Elizabeth Prawat 20 May 2016

    how do i place block on please tell me before i throw telephone out of the window

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