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By Desislava Brankova 13 May 2016

Three folks within the space of five minutes responding to a six year old post really has the dog farted cos something stinks in here. shills.

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    By Steven Echelberger 09 Jul 2016

    located the amount on my caller id.


    By Shae Johnson 22 May 2016

    got a call on my cell.


    By denise cundiff 23 Jun 2016

    blasted pain


    By Sherrodrick Chandler 23 Jun 2016

    thank you dint know how you located out but I'm relieved


    By Jerrod Bair 06 Jul 2016

    calls. never a message.


    By Vivian Zito 13 Jul 2016

    received a phone call from this amount. no message left.


    By Genna Mccallie 21 Apr 2016

    it is not the reddish cross as such. it is a fund raising company paid outside of our donations by the reddish cross to phone us asking for regular direct debit gift. these companies are relentless. we started to get the calls a couple of years past asking us to increase our monthly donations. they were not prepared to listen to our reasons as to exactly why we could not would this and continued to call. we finally managed to cease the calls by telling them that if they rang again we would cancel our existing gift and tell the reddish cross exactly why we were doing it. no more calls since subsequently.


    By Matt Coffey 13 Jul 2016

    merely got a call from this number on my cell phone


    By Jimmy Akin 10 May 2016



    By James Pinnell 08 Jun 2016

    the number is a scam. they phone you twice but there's no one on the other finish. the third time they phone it is a mans voice saying he is from Microsoft and that you have reported a difficulty with your computer. it is a scam they inquire you if you are the owner of the computer and them to open something and kind in ms information. my land line is new and my computer has not worked in years but still in use and i have never reported a problem. please guys be attention total. i believe it is a new manner to hack your computer and get all your information. you report this issue to your network and get the amount blocked. i was almost a victim today thanks to my dog that has cancer and very sick who needs my full focus.

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