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By Desislava Brankova 13 May 2016

Three folks within the space of five minutes responding to a six year old post really has the dog farted cos something stinks in here. shills.

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    By Ursula Longo 20 Jun 2016

    missed a call


    By Shelley Mosier 29 Jun 2016

    i simply got this call from this amount. no message and the amount is very strange ... it came inside only enjoy this BR really challenging to block if there isn't any region code .... scampers just wont quit.


    By Coralee Armstrong 02 May 2016

    rang now but before i could get my phone outside of my pocket it stopped. i didn't ring back.BR since the government said they were cracking down on this sort of thing and imposing heavy fines I have had more nuisance calls than ever.


    By Cristina Carias 31 May 2016

    he has turned upward in wag wag left a mess on a occupation i was working on and ripped away the contractor who employed him to do some tiling. they had to rip the job up and begin it again. this was in confrere and he has since disappeared but is believed to be not too far away around at Gandhi. he was also inside Cliburn for a little while word has it.


    By Jen Ketterman 05 May 2016

    their not even taps filtered that's y mate


    By Adam Terrell 10 Apr 2016

    several calls


    By Ben Ethier 06 Jan 2016

    appears to be a define amount. by now it could well be sitting on a pleasant new amount waiting for some unlucky sod to purchase it as their new sum.


    By Angela Androjna 05 Jun 2016

    who named me


    By James Uthe 11 Jun 2016

    i got this call but when try to answer it hangs upwards.


    By Judy Pyron 03 May 2016

    called my mobile telephone.

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