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By Desislava Brankova 13 May 2016

Three folks within the space of five minutes responding to a six year old post really has the dog farted cos something stinks in here. shills.

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    By Timothy d. boos Sr. 25 Jun 2016

    which company call me


    By Nenia Sturdivant 07 Jun 2016

    they left a message around lowering my interest speed of what i have no notion. the guarantee it ll be their last call and offer. if only it were true


    By Carmine louis Rossetti 10 Feb 2016

    free i telephone. scam


    By Frederick Darrah 10 Jul 2016



    By Cindy Caporaso 26 Apr 2016

    call from offshore call centre saying they were calling on benefit of trade finder a local directory. told him id never heard of it.BR BR asked me for details of our business which he already had and subsequently asked for my personal details. got a bit competitive when i declined and instructed me to Google commerce finder.BR BR i inquired him how local this commerce finder was to him.


    By Nazario Sandoval 12 Jun 2016

    when i replied nobody replied.


    By Geradi Bradley 08 Jun 2016

    got a telephone call. no message left.


    By Eric Plog 29 Jun 2016

    same Herr


    By Fidiane Pierre 26 May 2016

    received two calls from this number and wildly enjoyed leading them on a goose pursuit its a scam about your internet not being secure.BR i got the same lady twice a few months apart and she had no qualms around taking money from someone she presumed had severe mental health problems and on the second time a helpless old dear. perhaps i should go into voice around work.


    By E Vurraro 06 May 2016

    i am getting charged for Sims to which i have not done. could you let us understand what exactly is this no

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