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By Desislava Brankova 13 May 2016

Three folks within the space of five minutes responding to a six year old post really has the dog farted cos something stinks in here. shills.

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    By Sherryl Gadani 18 Jun 2016

    who are u guys


    By Marvin Bombard 04 May 2016

    this amount calls me to times a day i never reply think i will next time and waste there time Lola


    By Eileen Gabos 11 May 2016

    unknown amount calling


    By Mark Mittler 18 May 2016

    named left message saying they important docs to deliver mtg about at work. only attempts. i think his name was Michael and if any questions to have me or the Artwork call


    By Patricia vocola Milano 27 Apr 2016

    unknown amount


    By Ben Red Horse 05 Jul 2016

    unsure of company or individual


    By Melissa Hodge 17 Apr 2016

    phoned a death threat.


    By Brenda Stair 30 Jan 2016

    charity fund raising bureau. they're calling to confirm the details of a recent signal up to charity. wonderful individuals calling lovely individuals.


    By Roland Loker 18 Jun 2016

    I have just had a call on the acreage line from Jennifer with a very powerful Indian Accenture claiming there's a problem with my Microsoft computer she said it needs saving no abbr i inquired her what she produced with the name conferee BR she told me to go to hell and hung up on me


    By Chad Metcalf 22 Jun 2016

    no one responded.

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