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By Ray Mier 18 May 2016

Got a call from ...they constantly hang up when its time to leave a message on possibly reply machine. BR BR how can we put a stop to this nonsense when we dint have the remainder of their phone amount tor whine around this situation BR BR help is on the horizon....

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    By Carie Mckee 22 May 2016

    this amount has been ringing and ringing replied it twice but merely goes dead so i do not reply it now


    By Jan Konow 24 Jun 2016



    By John Weekley 31 May 2016

    woman called Erica named to locate outside if i was eligible for something to would with energy. how did i heat my home how considerably was my gasoline bill was i single or did i have a partner


    By Yolande Mompoint 08 May 2016

    a Ghanaian amount... rd one inside a week.


    By Sourabh Sawarkar 06 Feb 2016

    who owns this number


    By Michael Chritian 26 Jan 2016

    who is this


    By Randall Swiantek 12 Jul 2016

    merely discovered this number has been named form my acreage line over many months and at all times of the day and nighttime even when we're not at dwelling. total of calls of of second duration. BR named BTU. they refuse knowledge of the amount and tell me i must have been making the calls. BR i have made an official complaint and they will get back to me with to days. rubbish customer service.


    By Gregg Bowser 17 Apr 2016

    who are you


    By Baadur Grdzelishvili 19 Feb 2016

    named me on my cellular telephone number.


    By Amanda Zenquis 21 May 2016

    this number keeps calling.

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