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By Ray Mier 18 May 2016

Got a call from ...they constantly hang up when its time to leave a message on possibly reply machine. BR BR how can we put a stop to this nonsense when we dint have the remainder of their phone amount tor whine around this situation BR BR help is on the horizon....

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    By Charles Schell 12 Apr 2016

    no answer.


    By Patricia A.Hamilton 30 May 2016

    unknown caller does not leave messages


    By Joseph Erlandson 10 Jul 2016

    some one from social security keeps calling .odd matter is that their all different telephone numbers and from different states.


    By Michael Perkinson 18 Jan 2016

    this number named me many times


    By patricia mcpipe 24 May 2016



    By Gabrielle Zito 29 Jun 2016

    the caller left no voice message.


    By JOANNE BRITT 25 May 2016

    decided up telephone and there was quiet on the other end.


    By Gail Lipparelli 11 Jul 2016

    call put phone down


    By Francisco Monfrot 12 Jun 2016

    caller said is that Mrs q and when i said yes they hung up


    By Barbara Barlock 01 May 2016

    my father dwelling with Alzheimer's decease keep becoming contacted by cos. we've received no notifications and since i have been handling part of their finances i have not received any advice. more to the point i provided the number they named me on replied times and was disconnected times so i had to bear the price of the call. advised that we have no prominent debts and refused to supply my address which is fundamental private protection. advised that should they call the amount again i would contact the info protection commissioner the telex's regulator and the directory of consumer affairs. we also left define bill pay to prepay but there was no prominent debt. recently unemployed. gonna go on the warpath with all my extra time.

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