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By Scarlett Arias 03 Apr 2016

Got a message of these now saying someones try ed to transport and if it was me text bk y if not call on the amount above and have card detail at hand seemingly from Barclay's

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    By Fredrick Simes 21 Apr 2016

    several recorded messages a day.


    By Deborah Hattrich 04 Mar 2016

    WHO's no is this


    By Marcia a Nelson 10 May 2016

    missed a call from this number now i attempted to call back but got a recorded message saying please press to send a text to crucial the caller know you were striving to call as they are unavailable to take your call if you wish to try again after just hang upward i hung upward and didn't attempt later..... I am a rebel


    By Christina Lantz 26 Jun 2016

    call me


    By Cyndi Rasmusen 07 Jan 2016

    complete scum. i wish they would perish a really slow and painful departure. and though there's nothing the police will would around it.... apparently.BR they get your details from the Piaf injury database and chilly call anyone that has had an injury hoping they will be capable to get a cut of what cash their trust their may get for you.BR even though i keep telling them i was not even in the car when it got hit.BR your amount will stay on their system for two years even if you ask for it to be removed.BR i have contacted my telephone provider and have asked them to block this number...BR we live within expect.....


    By Kirsty Nash 11 Mar 2016

    are calling me from this number and is telling me they are the IRS


    By Rob Mccollom 11 Apr 2016

    i dint know. i want to understand. the name. of this person


    By Emeline Dewey 03 Jul 2016

    i have received calls within three days.BR i response and it hangs up.BR i call back cannot connect.BR they call my work phone which has no reference to my telephone electricity or petrol account.BR BR i cannot even call back to tell them they have the wrong number


    By Amby Kanya 11 Mar 2016

    i have been receiving calls today from dial America i searched on another site and located a toll free number you may call to be removed from their calling list. i called and the customer service representative was really cordial and apologized for the calls and submitted a request to remove my number from their calling list. call and simply wait choose no options when asked for your account amount only simply state you dint have an account and you are calling to be removed from their calling list.


    By Jennifer Vandervoort 25 Jun 2016

    keeps calling my wife's cell

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