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By Sheryl Hugate 09 Jul 2016

These Muppet's sent us a letter claiming to be a business named bank intelligent poi claiming cant locate them anywhere or the alleged loan business BM. the address is for Shelton st co vent garden Ch HQ yet when i looked that address upwards it is for a property development company called cooper Collins pretty sure it's a scam don't response if this number calls.

By Kris Prosen 11 Apr 2016

Called this morning on my cellular telephone amount said she was from Glaxo something or other i didn't actually fuss to locate outside the whole business name. i dispatched the caller rather curtly because my mobile number is private i ha vent given it outside to anyone and both its number and that of my acreage line are registered with taps though I'm beginning to think that does not stand for much these days. luckily because i have an iPhone i can block callers like this but only after having had a call

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    By Shannon Van Beek 20 Apr 2016

    someone call me using this amount....called back but no response.


    By Jack Cureton 26 May 2016

    got a call as Daniel replied it i kept on asking who was calling no reply and after about seconds phone went dead.BR suppose telemarketer. now blocked.


    By Barbara Sprabary 29 Jun 2016

    this amount keeps calling me. today i added to my block list since whenever i reply no one is there to saw hello. they only hang upwards the phone now they cant waste my unlimited minutes


    By Harley Chrabot 05 Jul 2016

    you will receive this Sims ask for underground loaner Sims contents need cash for rolling Perl Wang rolling BR one quit penumbra pensionable Harare m.gibe b.Landry pin jam Berle's amp signora document Harare minicab surmountable BR BR when Kojak rejected your loan application they will disclose your personal info to their Mac Corp underground loan shark along


    By Johnny S. Hawkins 12 Jun 2016



    By EVELYN THOMAS 10 Jun 2016

    i dint understand who this amount go to


    By Merritt Jeans 04 May 2016

    continuously calls and leaves no message.


    By Fiya Collymore 25 Mar 2016

    getting the same annoying calls. always and they never leave a message. Greer. not a joyful customer.dint go on the mailing list for this winery


    By Fushia Lewis 15 Feb 2016

    curious to know


    By Charles Bethurum 05 Apr 2016

    number rang my cellular telephone phone yesterday at pm for around rings afterward an unknown number showed upward a minute later.

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