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By Anthony Kabchef 15 May 2016

I got a call and the number showed upwards as i heard what appeared to be a radio like individuals talking within back earth.

By Timaree Johnson 19 Jan 2016

This number has named my mobile twice today. i am becoming more and more nuisance calls either on my mobile or dwelling telephone. when the amount displayed i didn't answer it

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    By Mina W smith 06 Feb 2016

    who has this number


    By Monica Gore 13 Apr 2016

    what a tool you are. dim Tim can you maybe know how the business operates within a day. bit of Shiite you did not pay attention. demand payment for it with menaces we loan you it free of charge no web site no we see customers directly so no need for one. hoovers er no its Kirby. get your facts right before you make silly places.


    By Jody Koehler 23 Feb 2016

    credit card scam fraud call to lower your credit card interest speed.BR did not answer


    By Brian Jorgensen-dickman 24 Apr 2016

    she calls me all the time and inquire for my information


    By Suzanne Abdulahad 05 Jul 2016

    i get calls every day from a number. three yesterday. the last three digits change. no reply when i pick upwards. no message left.BR is this a call back scam or burglars


    By Elizabeth Baley 08 Mar 2016

    i have received three calls within the previous week telling me that i had been included within a auto accident either as a motorist or passenger. i don't understand who these individuals are and as it happens i am handicapped and don't drive but can have my own chauffeurs and they have not been included inside any accident


    By Coralann Patterson 06 Jun 2016

    this is the latest number that these crooks are using to call me. both my wife and i are getting calls from these guys. when we can choose to reply there is a recording saying that I am paraphrasing there is a pending charge from your bank that's scheduled for wage garnishment in the next hours. please press to resolve this matter.BR most of the time it goes to a mailbox that is total and subsequently hangs up on you. nevertheless my wife got through once and the responding crook said that there were checks prominent that were written to Hancock fabrics from the summer of for and . my wife said that she had no proof that she ever wrote those checks and no proof that those checks bounced and within either case the alleged incidents took set years ago and she was going to pay. the responding crook subsequently hung upward.BR unfortunately that did not quit the calls. however I have since located outside that the legislative act of limitations on a bad assess is years within California. we have no proof whether these checks were ever written and that is what these scam artists are counting on. they likely will need you to make payment to them right afterward and there around the phone.BR do not fall into their trap through ignorance. if you re getting calls from these crooks locate out what the statute of limitations for awful checks is within your state. then if you can end upward speaking to among these crooks you ll be armed with the knowledge that they cant do anything and let them know that.


    By Stephanie Woudstra 02 Apr 2016

    there's no such organization. they're a group of scampers using several fake numbers. they offer to get you com pen sat ion as they have been advised you have worked within a noisy business. they have not been advised of anything witness the fact that they ring everyone on the info list they have bought with the same script. only an upwards dated variation of the poi scampers who take a large cut of any settlement.


    By Florentia Karole 13 Jul 2016

    they called my cell.


    By Melinda Plemel 01 May 2016


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