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By Robert Kreiler 04 Jun 2016

Does anybody else becoming calls from this number

By Sharon Summerford 07 May 2016

When i replied nobody was there.

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    By Rosyland Greenwood 26 Jun 2016

    this amount rings often says London on phone


    By Blob Crow 01 Jul 2016

    it is probably a possibility client who wants to call us but when i call them back an answering machine that says that the amount isn't available


    By Paula Epperley 11 Jun 2016

    who is this that keeps calling me


    By CERELL BURKS 18 Jun 2016

    called me at . Th may but the line was dead


    By woods51 verizon.net Queen 08 Jul 2016

    this number is repeatedly phoning me and telling me that the are going to kill me please help


    By Eliza Hittman 09 Mar 2016

    appears to be a scam. English with an Indian emphasis. they claim to be from Microsoft saying your PC they understand the id amount and your telephone number is infected by a virus which has not been detected by any anti virus application. then they ask you to check if the id amount they give you is matched with the id of you PC via the assoc order inside the command prompt.


    By Gloria Gambino 16 Jan 2016

    she makes a excellent case for using a call blocker. one press of the button and she is gone eternally.


    By shi_girl2005 yahoo.om Shi-teka 14 May 2016

    looks to be after sales attention from Arnold Clark


    By Amanda Nethery 23 Feb 2016

    business matters


    By Chris Pietrowicz 30 May 2016

    woman's express has different accent India Pakistan says shes calling from the Microsoft help desk which i dint consider and afterward hangs upward. doesn't seem to hear what I am saying several voices in the history sounds enjoy a call centre. merely got this call a minute ago got just the same call once within November or December the voice sounded around the same overly.BR BR consistently happens after cleaning out the windows registry but this might really well be a coincidence. p.s. my windows copy is legal so that cant be it either.

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