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By Robert Kreiler 04 Jun 2016

Does anybody else becoming calls from this number

By Sharon Summerford 07 May 2016

When i replied nobody was there.

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    By Chris Palacioz 23 Jun 2016

    had this caller several times threes constantly a slight pause i say hello they answer hello then hang upwards. as others have said these calls should be banned. certainly those responsible for calls inside the UK should be able to be traced by their numbers at least in the UK and initially cautioned. if they continue they should be arrested and jailed. I'm disabled and have already fallen badly going for among these calls. someone is going to have an injury and expire attempting to ans er among these calls.BR BR at least if someone is caught they shouldn't be competent to create other accounts with caller wit held their number. in fact i believe the law on withholding numbers should be scrapped. there are too many abusing the system. i get a call every day from a wit held amount that appears to be tied to three of the major banks. i get that call every day of the week been n doing so for a couple of tears now and it is driving me mad. its never at the same time so i tend not to blow off it.BR BR Greer.


    By J Haughie 30 Jun 2016



    By Cawetha Mitchell-hayes 18 May 2016

    received a telephone call. no message left.


    By Ravi Malla 11 Apr 2016

    just got a call at .pm i asked to talk to a supervisor and a manager came on the other finish and i just declare difficult on her she replied i am not going to take that but hey they dint head calling you late on the evening yeah right. i declare so much at her that i dint believe they will call Baku. good riddance.


    By Katherine Fellow 19 Mar 2016

    repeated calls on caller i.d.


    By Sonia Mayes 21 May 2016

    relentless Rob caller


    By Darrell Warner 12 Mar 2016

    named by this amount was it here to answer


    By lakeysha pierre 20 Mar 2016

    another poi


    By Tretha Wilson 28 May 2016

    calls inside hours says to sell something


    By Roberson Joseph 26 Jun 2016

    Indian sounding guy could not really understand him accent was thick and he mumbled slurred his words. eventually understood enough to glean that it was either a survey type matter or a utilities change service he mentioned sky TV gasoline electrical etc they were the only words i could create outside definitely. at that point i told him we are taps registered and it was illegal for them to call our number and to remove our details from their database he laughed i hung up.

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