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By doug 11 Jan 2017

Ive blocked the number after the first time i tried to pick up with no response. Now i show about 4 Auto Reject Calls from this number for the last few days

By Steve Stramel 22 Apr 2016

I overly received this today. how dreadful it's that individuals create money outside of someone needing a job. get a life.

By Jeannette d Carter 09 Mar 2016

Backup mg Ada Meuse KO auk

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    By Pennie Dismukes 01 Feb 2016

    no reply.


    By Bobbi jo Wilson 10 May 2016

    call from . that's all it shows on property line. hung upward as soon as you decide it upwards.


    By Eubanks Cindy 25 Jun 2016

    wondering who is that.


    By Patrick Siebert 13 May 2016

    anybody getting calls from this telephone number


    By SANDI HEVALOW 20 May 2016

    personal harm chilly calibre BR claimed to be linear would be interested to see what the regulators create of this activity they said i had a minor bump in amusing that as i didn't have a car in ....BR BR when chasing where my details were from she first told me from opt inside insurers because an insurer is actually going to sell pi leads that will come back and bite them on their when they get sued so i inquired again select in data from and select within lead provider i inquired who she explained where i had not assessed or unchecked a box on a website persistent little old me asked again informing her that if i had not assessed a carton somewhere then there was no record of an injury inside she laughed and hung upward....BR BR BR i thought regulations were tight on these guys BR as way as i was conscious it's prohibited for them to chilly calibre BR i thought if they bought leads they had to be opted in not not opted outre BR tut tut tutor BR no website to follow up on either expect a brand change and telephone amount change then.


    By Trudy Wells 28 Apr 2016

    i would love to no who sent me a message


    By Jennifer Antiporda 06 May 2016

    i have received a call from twice this week. there's no conversation apart from goodbye. likely some idiots thought of a joke i think. greatest to only ignore them


    By Valarie Collins 09 May 2016

    i simply got a call from this telephone number.


    By Birt Paula 14 Jun 2016

    i had the precise same thing simply now but he first said citizens guidance first. i hate these scams and dodgy calls block them if on a mobile


    By Bridgette Angelo 09 Jul 2016

    who might it be

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