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By la grant barnes 07 Jun 2016

Would like to know who named me

By Norris Golden 27 Mar 2016

N spunk runs a front for several company's and launders cash for them illicitly gained through fraud. they run as builders they use lead ham building or Leeds care to name a few variants. they front other names as well on commerce websites enjoy check a trade and rated individuals and post their own feedback. chat rooms are reporting more and more problems with these folks who sometimes use the surname Johnson with Paul peter and Haley. they manage in Sheffield and Rotterdam largely but are spreading into don caster and Beardsley as well so be conscious. you will lose your cash and or get rubbish work if you get any work at all done by them. pensioner

By Shatara Trujillo 09 Mar 2016

Ever wonder exactly why these calls keep happening well i stopped reporting them to the icon a while ago after they really passed alb my personal details on to a marketplace research business who then cold named Nebr yes actually.BR i did a small bit of checking account and Christopher graham was the manager of a couple AFB marketplace research companies until a couple of months before he started at the icon.BR the icon aren't interested inside stopping these calls my mp wasn't interested in the actions of the icon but luckily the European court of justice took a dim view of it.BR they re currently investigating the behaviour of the icon inside passing on my personal details BR against my express wishes to a marketplace research business.BR possibly that's who we should all be reporting these calls to

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    By Chavlier Brown 03 Jul 2016

    left no MSG.


    By Bhadresh Mehta 19 Jan 2016

    i missed a call from this number.


    By Ferruccio Guasone 17 Feb 2016

    a woman said hello how are you call me back darling i would love to talk to you...


    By Enrique Durand 10 Jun 2016

    repeated calling from this amount right through the day upward to but no message left on answerphone


    By Leah Damiani 06 Jun 2016

    did not leave a voice message.


    By Amaya White 14 Jul 2016

    though another idiot making nuisance calls from a fake number. digit brief of genuine.


    By Sissie Hoskins 16 May 2016

    calling every couple of days


    By LAURA OXFORD 20 May 2016

    someone keeps ringing on my cellular telephone from this number i do not need this to occur anymore can i quit this individual or whoever it is from ringing my pH it is so dam annoying


    By Staci Pulliam 24 Apr 2016

    i didn't reply and they didn't leave message. looked at my Intel's program and its registered to Alamo leasing car. i simply rented a care from them in Kentucky days past. assuming its HQ conducting surveys to get feedback from customers. it is not telemarketers. dint listen to the other nonsense misinformation people above are spreading by guessing. ill reply if they call back and let ya know if it was a satisfaction survey enjoy i assume


    By greta cleaver 06 Jan 2016

    i keep receiving text from this number and orange charges me p per text. it's so annoying and i am presuming to leave orange and locate another network supplier. by the way i called twice orange and complained but so much they have don nothing and still i am loosing all my top ups

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