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By la grant barnes 07 Jun 2016

Would like to know who named me

By Norris Golden 27 Mar 2016

N spunk runs a front for several company's and launders cash for them illicitly gained through fraud. they run as builders they use lead ham building or Leeds care to name a few variants. they front other names as well on commerce websites enjoy check a trade and rated individuals and post their own feedback. chat rooms are reporting more and more problems with these folks who sometimes use the surname Johnson with Paul peter and Haley. they manage in Sheffield and Rotterdam largely but are spreading into don caster and Beardsley as well so be conscious. you will lose your cash and or get rubbish work if you get any work at all done by them. pensioner

By Shatara Trujillo 09 Mar 2016

Ever wonder exactly why these calls keep happening well i stopped reporting them to the icon a while ago after they really passed alb my personal details on to a marketplace research business who then cold named Nebr yes actually.BR i did a small bit of checking account and Christopher graham was the manager of a couple AFB marketplace research companies until a couple of months before he started at the icon.BR the icon aren't interested inside stopping these calls my mp wasn't interested in the actions of the icon but luckily the European court of justice took a dim view of it.BR they re currently investigating the behaviour of the icon inside passing on my personal details BR against my express wishes to a marketplace research business.BR possibly that's who we should all be reporting these calls to

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    By Rachael Baresh 27 Jun 2016

    it is part of eBay's process for recovering passwords one way is to get an email with a pin code another to get a text message with the pin code and lastly which is the matter here one can get the pic code read by a voice machine. the call is absolutely valid but regrettably a user have entered your phone amount instead of his own.


    By Barbara Buffalino 04 May 2016

    got a call on my cell.


    By Fred Fritschel 06 Jul 2016

    the man is becoming me stressed.


    By Elsee Grooberfield 16 Jun 2016

    anyone knows who calls from this telephone amount.


    By Charles Johnson Ii 02 Jun 2016

    I am with Tolstoy and I have received calls from this amount multiple times i never decide upward and they never leave a message. I've now place this number on my mobiles blocked list so wont be bothered anymore.


    By Wallace Lane 03 Jul 2016



    By Randall Somer 07 Feb 2016

    the lovely gentleman who rang me now re ca pita oak and i promised to call back tonight.... i altered my phone and your number was lost. please text me your number again i will call u tom at


    By Micheal Addison 04 May 2016

    I am not sure if this is a scam


    By Luhi Perry 27 Mar 2016

    unsavoury text message.


    By Paula Cruickshank 15 May 2016

    it was a missed call

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