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By D Radford 01 May 2016

Thanks. i additionally received that many times

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    By Hollee Harris 10 Jul 2016

    the caller did not leave any message.


    By Daniel Demers 10 Jul 2016

    i dint know who this is


    By Matt Lonseth 24 Apr 2016

    what is this number


    By Ardjan Bako 10 Jan 2016

    this number is calling my house.


    By Diane Kernus 05 Jul 2016

    unknown always calling me


    By Harold Singewald 23 Jun 2016

    i filled inside an online inquiry form for ultimate trading.com which i now believe is us based. their financial projection seemed to be too great to be accurate. the website proposed contacting an EU based agent if i was not inside USA. afterward came this unsolicited call.


    By Allyce Bosecker 22 May 2016

    only got stung by this last nighttime got the text stating you've paid one . for vied from enjoyment pass visited at . help along with an email address and a link to see the video. i think we all understand what type of sites someone would be visiting to fall foul of this. the error i made last night was i forgot to switch on Wii on my telephone as i normally would when surfing at residence so used the g connection instead. i figure they must have got my cellular telephone amount via that link somehow. i phoned the helpline number its a London place code so not premium speed so was covered by my inclusive minutes on my UK cellular telephone contract got through to a girl after a few rings who took my cellular telephone amount and told me only what the text had said i accessed a video at the time stated on the text. i disputed that id agreed to pay for anything but she said i would have been advised at the time i clicked on the video that there was a charge and i had minutes to cancel it and not be charged. i never saw anything like this and told the girl that but she wouldn't back down and stated the charge could not be refunded. she said i could compose a criticism or send an email but the answer would be the same. BR BR what this company is doing has got to be on the line between legal and illegal or only simply prohibited but they understand because of whats being purportedly purchased and the sites its being done through the chances of someone taking them to trading standards are slim to none. you could report this to your mobile network provider and log it as fraud or whatever but as someone else mentioned above they ll be able to tell what site you were on if you accessed it on g and they wouldn't have any obligation to refund you outside of their pocket anyway. BR BR lesson to be learned never look at these sites on your phone using your g link which must expose your amount to scams enjoy this.


    By James Mayberry sr 08 Jul 2016

    had a message left on my machine about being sued by a business that was not not given gave a docket amount and that i was to call back to take care of this matter.i place the number within the search pub and located out its a scam number.


    By Bryce Dodd 29 Feb 2016

    got calls from the amount.


    By Camy Mcneil 15 Apr 2016

    dint forget that fraudsters can post messages on these forums too

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