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By Jonnie Conner 08 May 2016

I merely received this calibre said calling from a business at mid valley.BR she said she is Dion survey merely ask few question but the question is peculiar.BR u r the earner folks inside Ur family Watt type husband you would finder is bizarre.

By Cathryn Pratt 06 Apr 2016

Called on .BR BR who are these idiots

By Javier Domiguez 09 Feb 2016

I want to understand who her its

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    By Katherine Pruess 23 Mar 2016

    got a telephone call. no message left.


    By David Floeh 14 May 2016

    around lottery


    By Amanda Henrich 15 Apr 2016

    unknown caller will see if they call again


    By Anita Krueger 23 Apr 2016

    calls times every day


    By KRISTIN OKAKOK 13 Jul 2016

    i need to know who called me


    By Gary Baltajian 01 Jan 2016

    hi i am Ur pal


    By Larry Compston 25 Apr 2016

    MN kink


    By BRYSON TAFOYA 06 Jun 2016

    says they're from BP and that they formerly sent paperwork regarding the stopping of paying dividends on their shares. knew i was a shareholder and had right name and address. as i used to work for BP for years was not caught out but perhaps some shareholders less informed would be. discount any rubbish they say


    By Cory Behrens 05 Jul 2016

    its form swan global direct if you've applied for a job they re based within Newcastle


    By elizabeth devivo 21 Jun 2016

    the caller left no express message.

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