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By Jonnie Conner 08 May 2016

I merely received this calibre said calling from a business at mid valley.BR she said she is Dion survey merely ask few question but the question is peculiar.BR u r the earner folks inside Ur family Watt type husband you would finder is bizarre.

By Cathryn Pratt 06 Apr 2016

Called on .BR BR who are these idiots

By Javier Domiguez 09 Feb 2016

I want to understand who her its

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    By Allison Weldon 07 May 2016

    no message


    By Rebecca Helphrey 31 May 2016

    does not leave a message


    By Melissa Eblen 17 Jun 2016

    Batu keep TD DPT call Dario no Ni.. he assert that he is from comb kl .. Tanya says Sal serge draped org yang Tripoli Dem program G mane dpt faithfulness bonus .. birthday respect la bonus ape TA Twp keen Bayer rm Tia Blaine something Cm insurance Gk Ala .. then say tan ye perish pal security and directly begat die G say TKO percale pal application G differ Kenya Dario comb Tu.. say begat die tote say maser UK Capri calumet n kahuna software Ni .. but he keep insisting me Cm NJ ya kin Kan say soap NJ pass bag KP Dan Peshawar artisan and KP nit rug Sb Nam say Alan debunk Dr selected Tu .. ha ha but subsequently say begat say active Ken Leta telephone scrag .. torus say Google no Ni and bound Cm cowmen ha ha smog dirge tiebreak hid ayah UK Beria. DOA G batik UK dirge


    By heather blowers 07 Jun 2016

    found the amount on my caller id.


    By Brian Artemisio 03 Jul 2016

    they're solicitors based inside Belgrade taillight county Dublin often used by the banks.


    By Ds Newton 10 May 2016

    missed the call


    By Della Barczyk 21 Jun 2016

    calling upwards to times a day about my policy which i dint have.


    By John Saywers 14 May 2016

    the amount makes calls to my dwelling several times a day everywhere from am to pm. the caller leaves no message on our answering machine and does notary respond if we pick upward the call. they dint tell you what electric business they are call around they simply ask for the individual who handles the bill when you tell them they are not residence or sleeping they are rude and hang upward


    By Sarah Crosley 14 Jun 2016

    pals help to locate out


    By Diane Coby 07 Jun 2016

    called and hung upward without a word.

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