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By Christi-lynn Bethea 02 Jul 2016

Man says from road traffic injury that someone from my font number had made a assert a told him take get lost

By Lynda Bicknell 31 Mar 2016

Got the same call as all the above posts they work near the laden by posing as a survey group...its a scam offer free cruise but first may we have you SS and a cc...only hang upwards or dint answer. the DC list is a joke only reputable companies follow the list scam companies could attention less.

By Debra Sumbry 22 Feb 2016

Another silent call hung up after a few seconds. caller number given as but seems to be simply a Glasgow code with a couple of leading zeros.BR reported to of com as I am registered with taps.

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    By Stuart Hammond 03 Jun 2016

    rings subsequently rings off usually


    By Claire Kosloski 21 Apr 2016

    who might it be


    By Tondalayo Watkins 31 Mar 2016

    striving to locate out who calls from this amount.


    By Moniqua Smith 31 Mar 2016

    keeps calling but no knowledge of amount so its ignored


    By A Didomenico 12 Jun 2016

    call from a man with an extremely strong Indian accent. asked for me by name and if he could ask a few questions. politely declined and hung upward. I'm sure I've already hung up on this man once before. had to have been a different amount though i consistently block them.


    By Fernando Quinones 05 Jul 2016

    dint understand who this is but they named me today


    By Amy Gilroy 06 Jul 2016

    had rather a few calls in the daytime no message left. i picked upwards once and they said it was for a survey for Homeric. we did get a letter telling us they would be calling but I am not joyful speaking to them. said they would need to speak to my partner but that hes never here during the day but they still keep calling.


    By Jim Winpenny 14 Apr 2016

    had a couple of calls from them replied just one to have Indian lady begin asking questions. told them i was dead and this was a wrong no. they still call consistently merely dint answer its a warring ton code but if dialed back it comes upwards as incorrect no dialed they're scum discount their calls


    By Verneta Cordis 07 Apr 2016

    call to my cellular telephone asking i remembered working inside a noisy factory environment that could have damaged my hearing. when i said no they rang off.


    By Barbara Hedding 03 Jun 2016


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