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By Christi-lynn Bethea 02 Jul 2016

Man says from road traffic injury that someone from my font number had made a assert a told him take get lost

By Lynda Bicknell 31 Mar 2016

Got the same call as all the above posts they work near the laden by posing as a survey group...its a scam offer free cruise but first may we have you SS and a cc...only hang upwards or dint answer. the DC list is a joke only reputable companies follow the list scam companies could attention less.

By Debra Sumbry 22 Feb 2016

Another silent call hung up after a few seconds. caller number given as but seems to be simply a Glasgow code with a couple of leading zeros.BR reported to of com as I am registered with taps.

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    By Ralph Zimmermann 13 Jul 2016

    got a call this morning.


    By Harry Afrancois 30 May 2016

    said they were BTU and desired me to upgrade to broadband infinity. said i couldn't get it within my place but he insisted that on his screen he could tell our exchange could give me faster broadband. said i wasn't interested and when i went to BTU site to check on whether infinity was accessible to me i could see it wouldn't be until so i feel sure this must have been a scam call.


    By Aneesah Taylor 05 Jun 2016

    keeps calling


    By Vada Albrecht 15 Jun 2016

    i want to know who... this no


    By Christina Gawel 29 Feb 2016

    call from this number. did not response and they hung upward. i am taps which is entirely useless as way as i can see


    By Diane Gott 27 Jan 2016

    i want to understand this number to who


    By Nicole Seelhoff 14 Jun 2016

    got a call but they hung up. cant locate anything around them dint understand who it is.


    By Elisa Alvarez 01 Jan 2016

    named me on and again yesterday first call i answered and they said i had won of high road vouchers second call i simply cancelled.


    By Casey Emerson 02 Jun 2016

    my caller id showed this amount.


    By Arlan Jackson 24 Jun 2016

    stalker calls multiple efforts within minutes of each other every day for a week and still coming. no message left.

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