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By Craig Kluge 17 Apr 2016

I have got a call from a number and he said that i won lacks rupees.

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    By R Glionna 03 Jul 2016

    want company's name unknown


    By Latonya Satcher 17 May 2016

    i got the same call but when i call back its not a working no...rings once only and subsequently become busy...


    By Becky Daniels 19 May 2016

    does someone understand who calls from this number.


    By Elaine Mielenhausen 19 Mar 2016

    i think your actually rude someone has a similar experience and shares it and you discount them Cox of where they worker WHO's prejudice who is discriminating who the f are you to determine what someone is enjoy only Cox they work and you dint like it or where they worker this man works for a huge organization and you assume its corrupt and everyone who works there is too BR individuals like you make me sick bet your taking my tax cash and wasting it on your booze and BR are you a corrupt lying cheating advantage ponce WHO's to lazy to worker how do you like me making assumptions around yob BR lots of individuals are actually to ill to work but unfortunately society is total of folks who think they have a right to have everything for doing nothing which isn't honest on those of us who attempt to work regardless of our welling issues


    By Amela Rodlic 30 Apr 2016

    this man has been calling me for around a week and I am frightened to answer and i feel threatened


    By CASEY WILLIAMS 27 Jun 2016

    looking for owner information.


    By Donnell Kirksey 23 Jun 2016

    needed to understand who owns this phone amount.


    By Humberto Luna 03 Jun 2016

    anyone knows who this is


    By Shelby Leopard 24 May 2016

    had calls from this amount.i don't answer calls that i do not recognize.


    By Ruby Chambliss 24 Apr 2016

    Ike we rd internet gabled door DOT bummer Ike Heb Gene Dee Watt Ike heme Moet Mara den Ike meld heat even

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