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By Roger Faulstick 05 Apr 2016

Received a telephone call from this amount. no message left.

By Yolanda Cogsdell 25 Jan 2016

Got a call from this number. the caller left no message.

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    By Deb Mynatt 14 Jun 2016

    i dint think this man is who they say they are


    By Melodie Schroeder 18 Apr 2016

    its a utility bill reduction business. really questionable and under investigation.


    By Mark Wudi 10 Jul 2016

    its not a scam its blackguard.


    By Melanie Nickless 10 Apr 2016

    i keep on becoming calls from this amount but they hang upwards when call is replied.


    By MICHAEL LABRUYERE 10 Jun 2016

    a hang upwards call


    By Tracy Mersfelder 27 May 2016

    these folks go by the name of r k legal. they phoned twice on a Nottingham number the girl that spoke was speaking with a really strong Liverpool emphasis good how a Nottingham number may come from up there seemingly this is a phishing call about an accident within the last Hasbro the woman couldn't give answers to any questions strange to say so maybe the beast answer is block this scam number


    By Jennifer Oflynn 31 Mar 2016

    only had a call from the same amount no uncertainty some sort of a scam if i dint recognize the caller i dint reply the phone


    By Kalena Dutch 08 Apr 2016

    multiple calls from this amount.


    By Jackie Connolly 05 May 2016

    i replied a call from this number and it was a sales call from an electricity company...


    By Carolyn Sklute 19 Jun 2016

    got a call from this amount. the caller did not leave any message.

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