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By Rina Bass 28 Jun 2016

Interesting facility you have identified. thank you.


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    By Todd Twite 25 Apr 2016

    Asian sounding guy called today from a call centre.BR he was distracted by my dog barking and needed to get into a conversation around my dog which was obviously a rouse to get me to try and interact with him.BR i rather abruptly interrupted him times to ask how i will help him when he started mumbling something around post codes and fuel.BR by this time id had enough and said no thank you goodbye and put the phone down.BR he promptly redialed my number another times but i rejected each call and have now added the amount to my blocked list.BR bloody nuisance


    By Henry Szylwin 07 Jun 2016

    who this person


    By Esther Hopkins-doby 01 Jul 2016

    did not leave a voice message.


    By mergie128 aol.com Lela 22 May 2016

    got calls


    By Pao Thao 13 Jul 2016

    didn't reply it but i figure it is the same curry munches that always ringer ring back and its always engaged come on strawberry give us the owners name so we may fix it


    By Brenda Romain 12 Mar 2016

    yip arc debt collectors action above the law they harass constant phoning from all distinct mobile telephone numbers this is among there numbers used first debt was go Skippy insurance cancellation fee of


    By Joe Quiles 09 Jun 2016

    scam no.. please dint trust.


    By Jeff Cayton 01 Jan 2016

    call me several timbre


    By Adfadsf Dafga 09 Feb 2016

    this is a scummier individual that's been scamming my aunt for a long time. he is going to jail the Ag's office is investigating him.


    By Romon Dubose 05 Jul 2016

    down load con cost me from w m.needed could cell and refund but cannot contact anyone.this must be stopped now totally outside of order

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