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By Steven Asch 06 Apr 2016

Didn't recognize this number so i let it go to answering machine. its an automated express recording for poi claims.

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    By dennis skinner 17 Feb 2016

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    By elizabeth santos 28 May 2016

    does anyone understand who this is please


    By Annemarie Milks 30 Jun 2016



    By Geraldine Balducci 09 Jul 2016

    speaks really slowly European but with great English says that hes from discuss discuss. i got bored and hung upward I'm also registered with the taps so i suspect this was a con not a genuine company.


    By Luz Hercules 13 Jul 2016



    By Robert p. Hanrahan 01 Jan 2016



    By Darla Brooks 05 Jul 2016

    heavily Asian accented chap calling himself Simon from injury legal advice usual garbage around claiming settlement. interestingly this call was made instantaneously after i had placed the vehicle for sale on gum tree but that may only be a coincidence.


    By Lorinda Grate 14 May 2016

    who are the worst insurance companies within unsolicited calls and if you take outside a policy even worse customer service. ill beginner BR . DNA insurance the monkey spanks


    By Gregory Zralka 09 May 2016

    who might it be


    By Esther Robie 04 May 2016

    who is calling from this number

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