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By Joann Adam 30 Jun 2016

I got a call from and told me you win deficiency and inquire for for registration amount

By Kevin Idewu 04 Apr 2016

Keeps calling. who might it be

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    By Cathleen Surprise 03 Jun 2016

    mangle Menkent Meuse Berber Augustan Dan fit nah


    By Kristian Suan 04 Mar 2016

    only had a phone call saying that it was talk talk and that they have seen suspicious activity on my account need accessibility to my computer not thinking anything away its same thing happened back within November gave accessibility after talking for ages told me that i had to upgrade windows was gonna price me nearly questioned him after gave all details he was talking to me as striving to work out payment not knowing that i was watching everything that he was doing tried to take payment out off bank there and subsequently while distracting me but i had already used me mobile to transport funds out of the account to my joint account when there was no fund inside kept asking for a different card to take cash payment from told him didn't have another account said would ring back when had money accessible next Wednesday. didn't have any reason to question it was a scam till was becoming hang up calls for about hrs after this happened yesterday then they rung back upward about a hr ago about same thing that's when i traced the number after the call on way to bank now then need to got see about my laptop being hacked.


    By Emma Borres 10 Jun 2016

    got a call from this amount. no message left.


    By Kelly Manning 12 Jun 2016

    she insist me tell my debit card details.


    By Daniel Hofkamp 23 Apr 2016

    hi had a call from this number telling me they were from windows security department. my computer was going to crash and or be taken over. within essence i was going to lose access to my computer. when i inquired for his name he gave me the name Shane Williams. yet his accent was undoubtedly not English. he additionally miserable i could call my pal Michael Clark. he went on to tell me that it was my choice only i could make the conclusion to lose my computer this was said after i inquired how much it would price me. i then told him i would take his number so i could assess with my son who builds and sorts out the programs for all the computers inside our residence.


    By Karen Pickren 02 Jun 2016

    I have been scammed your chance IRS was mine was manner more am can embarrassed


    By Katherine Griffin 01 Mar 2016



    By Richard Denapoli 25 Apr 2016

    named me on my cellphone. no message left.


    By Knupp Joanne 28 Apr 2016

    when my phone rang i didn't recognize the caller. when i answered it went dead. i tried to call back but there was no tone. this was on my palsying mobile


    By Dani Morris 22 Jun 2016

    who named me

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