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By Joann Adam 30 Jun 2016

I got a call from and told me you win deficiency and inquire for for registration amount

By Kevin Idewu 04 Apr 2016

Keeps calling. who might it be

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    By Jeffry Yates 15 May 2016

    had x calls now from . replied the first and nobody spoke call disconnected.BR didn't response the second lumber WHO's calling on this number


    By H Stuart 08 May 2016

    Ghana calling me for some reason cousin Benson u scummier


    By Wynae Gardner 02 Jul 2016

    got a call from this amount.


    By Sabastian Brown 21 Jan 2016

    as an worker of BTU i could state that the company would never ring up and ask for bank details additionally any email for BTU would come from and email address like the following BR first name.secondment.comber BR Orr BR first name..co.Akbar BR BR any other form of email is not an official BTU address


    By Tracey Risher 18 Apr 2016

    this sequence of apparently fundamental London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com will do around it. its a fake number so cannot be called back. dint waste time blocking as number continually changes last digits. simply ignore. or better still reply amp enjoy winding upward Natasha Watson or whatever untrue name shes using this week with her its around the non existent car accident that you or someone within the house had to years back.


    By yzaligaya hotmail.com Purita 31 May 2016

    called but left no message


    By PATRICIA MELVIN 24 Jun 2016

    its Andy from a amp g Duncan travel have a look at his site a ..co.okapis revamped website


    By Verchele Robinson 15 Jun 2016

    we have asked you do not discount our calls Victoria. would ensure you call me back promptly on the amount provided. thank you Victoria Stevens


    By William Hanisch 13 Apr 2016

    this amount calls my cell afterward my work. i dint know who it's.


    By Kathy Kalina 10 Jun 2016

    hmm some guy who said he was an attorney was asking to talk to Nathan. i told him i am sorry but there is no Nathan here. subsequently he said no no no or a Megan or a cooper i said no i am sorry no one by those names are here. he said Acceptable and sat on the phone for a wile longer and i said i am sorry bye.BR BR it was very odd and strange BC each name he picked there is no one by that name and he decided distinct names. and a real attorneys office would have not done that like that either.BR BR .

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