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By Rodriguez Boothes 30 Jun 2016

Unknown caller keeps calling while I'm working

By Ina Eachus 05 Jan 2016

Call at . this morning from this amount began as a conventional kind of scam call about unsecured credit subsequently became a pervert call don't response this mans emphasis is really powerful sounds from the sub continent north India perhaps barely understandable English but has a honest vocabulary of sexually explicit vernacular

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    By Kimberly Michaud 07 Jun 2016

    got a disconnected call when answered


    By Alexander Contreras 10 Jul 2016

    what urgent thing


    By Darren Tsuchiya 24 Jan 2016

    call from


    By Preston Fairley 30 Apr 2016

    assert to be from department of finance and say they could reduce debts by .BR suggest some spurious relationship to government though the calls are clearly from an Indian call centre. the calls were to a taps registered business number and have continued despite being told I'm not interested. suspect its actually a scam instead than a pushy debt direction business.


    By Tonya Swank 01 May 2016

    whose telephone amount is


    By Francesse Chery 01 Jun 2016

    message from this amount was left on my acreage line today. boilers again.


    By Eric Binladenthin 06 Jan 2016

    got a call. no message left.


    By Ramandeep singh Sidhu 29 Apr 2016

    very unpleasant woman call my from this number .


    By Jonny Price 22 Feb 2016

    got a call and only cut out


    By Tiffany Buchanan 22 May 2016

    Mr David he said was his name and works for stat oil..his wife died and needs helps mailing out checks. i got distinct numbers for this guy. .. and call me from

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