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By Darrell 06 Apr 2017

They do not answer the phone when they call and they call me several times a day.

By Wendy Ess 08 Apr 2016

My number

By Telma Salinas 22 Feb 2016

Keeps calling me

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    By Jacquee Burgin 22 May 2016

    i want to understand the amount details.from where named me


    By mary stuart 22 Apr 2016

    anyone understand this number


    By Jessica Most 07 Jul 2016

    kinkily outfoxed


    By Nonia Tipton 07 Apr 2016

    multiple calls from this amount.


    By George Mcnichol 30 Mar 2016

    keep calling my number and not leaving a message.


    By Michael Bertola 11 Jul 2016

    the telephone companies understand where the calls are from because the telephone system means that they create a charge for delivering the call to your telephone. there's a tremendous intercontinental system inside existence that lets companies charge one another for the bit of the call that passes around their lines.BR BR so of class they know where the call comes from but there is no way inside hell that they will not deliver the call to you. subsequently they could not charge for doing that. and you though they made their money from you paying their bills.BR BR if you use a call blocker the call doesn't get replied and your phone company earns no money. go for it.


    By Cathy Comella 27 May 2016

    oh its my number


    By Dan Neisen 30 Mar 2016

    poi pressed to op tout


    By Frank Rogind 20 Apr 2016

    this amount keeps calling.


    By Winthrope Ewbank 03 Jul 2016

    says I've had an injury that wasn't my fault

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