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By Constantin Rasinariu 30 May 2016

Called at .pm. man express accent suggesting India quite lightheaded and indistinct. seemed to be attempting to tell me threes a fault on our computer. sound recognizable the phone amount is probably fake.

By Nicholas Hagoort 24 Mar 2016

This no called me times inside the last Min's. poi refunds company. last call the Asian caller began to shout down the telephone you have just hung up on me you need my help. i tried to talk but she continued shout within at me....lost her trendy methinks.

By Whitworth Richard 07 Feb 2016

Two telephone calls from this number now. didn't response and no express mail left.

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    By Ytryer Ytreyrtyer 09 May 2016

    poi poi scam


    By Gerald Penton 01 Jun 2016

    UK accident company...but the caller had a Indian accent so could have been any call centre. line then went dead.


    By Alejandro Roldan 14 Jun 2016

    second express mail. no message only hang up. did not attempt to call back.


    By Bassam Shalabi 26 Feb 2016

    I've lately had a tsunami of cultists offering loans. this number is among them consistently either hushed or this man tried to call you...BR BR incidentally frond twigged why I am getting all the calls this very week months past i did really look at a few loan companies online. their systems have believed aha this bloke gets skint in mid October...BR BR so at least they got matter right


    By Mike Hofferber 25 May 2016

    must be followed by so are faked numbers.BR a .telephone codes.infected energy saving Scotland is a faked name to mask a actual company's law breaking. all sensible bets from the launch post would be a loft insulation contractor who pools information with a gas boiler installment contractor.


    By Myrick Norris 10 Jun 2016

    who is this several calls subsequently hang upward after automated voice says goodbye


    By Faye Burgh 01 Jul 2016

    me lawman SE escudo Ina respiration y cor tan


    By Cindy Kahns 06 Jul 2016

    multiple calls from this amount.


    By Suzann Fleeman 19 Apr 2016

    this number calls me every day and when i call back i just get the holding music and no one answers


    By Wesley Schilderink 26 Jan 2016

    a hang upwards call

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