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By Bklah Bakd 05 Jan 2016

Not sure who is calling

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    By ann colson 02 Apr 2016

    i am literally going through every newsgroup so that if anyone who gets in my own place will see an honest comment. call your banks helpline and make sure you go through to the fraud team asap when i called upwards even my bank were a little confused about the text format as usually it comes upward with the name. to be honest it is a pretty weird way to communicate telling you around fraud on your card within a text enjoy that but it was authentic and they blocked my card. if you think but my card does not end within those digits please consider that you might have been reissued a card and someones gotten hold of it. anyone may use your card if they just have the crucial details from it. anyway if in uncertainty call upwards exactly why would you threat it when your moneys involved notably when all you need to can is telephone upward your bank and they will suss it out for you within ministry BR


    By Shirley Vainio 10 Jul 2016

    who is the owner


    By Margaret Mcclymont 09 Apr 2016

    it is not the red cross as such. it is a fund raising business paid outside of our donations by the reddish cross to telephone us asking for routine direct debit gift. these companies are relentless. we started to get the calls a couple of years past asking us to increase our monthly donations. they were not prepared to listen to our reasons as to exactly why we could not do this and continued to call. we finally managed to cease the calls by telling them that if they rang again we would cancel our existing contribution and tell the reddish cross exactly why we were doing it. no more calls since then.


    By Brittney Nolen 12 May 2016

    missed the call


    By David Guerad 08 Jun 2016

    got a call from this amount that i missed. i called back a couple of days later. a record said the survey you were called around has now finished. i would get calls sometimes from local firms conducting public surveys about products and additionally movies so i believe this may be legit i.e. not selling anything. whether or not one wants to response survey questions is another matter


    By Lukas Fabbi 07 Jul 2016

    DE quine es ESE numb


    By Whitney Callahan 16 Apr 2016

    land line no response


    By James Wombolt 10 Feb 2016

    disgusting company vanquish calling at . inside the morning i presumed that was against the law


    By Josh Tihista 28 Mar 2016

    i got i call from Dick number so didn't hear ed my telephone Ron so Pl call again if is an allowed.


    By Juan Pabellon iii 26 Jun 2016

    miss calls

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