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By victim 05 Apr 2017

Theyhave called repeatedly with numerous numbers an when they see I have posted again they will call again I sometimes wonder if they don't set sites up to pretend like their report the number sites,as to which they can and will change the phone number they are calling from,and ,the number that calls me is local,and,yet I see its the numbers some are reporting,are the same as I receive,like 24 in one day,well I'm recording the callers and voice,and cops are receiving themessages this bunch leave,but they are cowards,because some want you to panick,well I'm notpanicking,thesecalls are bogus and threatening and harassing so,ive jotted down a few numbers also associatated with this bunch of hackers and scammers,7195535854 7195535112 719 5813389 844-801-3107 249-0413 719 2812892 yes they are getting crafty now lets see when I stop posting if I get another call,this is very harassing ans,theyneed to be arrested for fraud!

By Nancy Schretter 22 Jun 2016

Continuously calling during the morning. replied once sounds enjoy someone chewing subsequently i said hello and someone responded subsequently hung up. really annoying.

By Gicelle Stephenson 08 May 2016

This filthy lady Olivia lives in Hannah road wall send and she has few negative feedback on eBay... she is so rude and complete of .... dint even go near her it will create you dirty...disgrace to human race. she calls people inside her house and a man snatches that girl and does all wrong things...

By GRANT ROBERTS 22 Mar 2016

Didn't leave a message but allowing to this a .com phone.asp hotpots.com telephone.asp appears to be the university of Illinois for fund raising.

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    By Ariel Monds 13 Jun 2016

    it was a call to my cell phone.


    By Gloria Erikson 27 Mar 2016

    handicapped police and firefighters...please...whats next homeless firefighters


    By Warren Bull 28 Mar 2016

    as with all numbers that i do not recognize i tend to press answer and do not say anything. the caller hangs upwards usually within seconds during which time i am usually online searching up their amount to see it's worth my while answering their next call more frequently than not if they call again they get the same quiet treatment until they take the hint and leave me alone


    By Corrine Aesoph-mangiaruca 06 Mar 2016

    named left no message


    By Kathy Kotch 06 Jun 2016

    i need to know where this man stay and i want to understand her his name and sir name and his her complete details


    By Frank Larisey 31 May 2016

    left nothing on the answering machine.


    By Robert Ira Pravder 17 Jan 2016

    merely wont to no who keeps calling my telephone and hanging up


    By Geri-lyn Bertagnolli 28 Apr 2016

    scummier prof.dreamlike.com using miscast


    By jason belk 16 Jun 2016

    got a call from this amount. the caller did not leave any message.


    By Ken Kidulas 05 Feb 2016


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