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By dagiana 13 Apr 2017

Unsafe scam

By Everett Tipton 11 Jul 2016

When i replied nobody replied.

By Mina Attia 30 Jan 2016

Named this morning.

By Latica Stewart 24 Jan 2016

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    By Laurie Lathen 06 Jun 2016

    this caller sounded quite far from the UK and when i inquired she said she was calling from India but subsequently she said the company was registered inside London. she was going on around my credit but i disconnected the call before she could go any further. another telephone scam


    By John Trease 02 May 2016

    calling repeatedly


    By Ronald Christian sr 07 Apr 2016

    had calls over five days on my cellular telephone the amount of which i only ever give out to friends and relatives i never answered it and after the first call i blocked the number. i have express email activated but they never left a message so cannot have been significant. i tried ringing back only to see who they were and i got a message within a quite strong American accept your call is quite significant to us please hold the line and the next accessible representative will be with you soon... they never mentioned the name of the company though which makes me think it's a scam. when i investigation for the amount it tells me that the number isn't registered to any person or company so yep it is a scam of some sort.


    By Wendy Sellers-lyons 05 Jun 2016

    i only got this overly pm on a Wednesday. no message left.


    By Lt Szeto 15 Mar 2016

    i merely got a call from this telephone amount.


    By Bill Uhner 14 Jul 2016

    repeated calls from this amount.


    By lmj-28 excite.com Leroy 12 Mar 2016

    thank you for your places the contents of which are duly noted.BR BR i will assure you that these telephone calls aren't being made by Albany assistance. we've no connection with calls being made to consumers under the name Albany assist or similar names. we believe these calls are targeting individuals to fraudulently get info relating to road traffic accidents and possible harms sustained by the motorist and or passengers.BR BR Albany aid does not make unsolicited outside bound calls. if we contact a customer inside link with their case we will consistently take proper security precautions to verify our own and the customers identity at the outset.BR BR we're now collating as much info as potential inside connection to these calls and are passing advice to our police liaison officer who is investigating this matter further.BR BR for more tips please see our site a ..co.conscienceless.aspics BR kind regards BR Albany assistance online team


    By Malini Dasgupta 12 Mar 2016

    this no. rang when i answered an electronic voice relayed a arbitrary choice of letters b going dead. i have simply had another same no. but not answered. need to understand who it cud b.


    By Anthony Sledesky 14 Jun 2016

    i keep getting messages from this number. i posted an ad on gum tree this individual contacted me then started giving ab it of attitude i told her where to go and shes been messaging my phone always... I'm sure this is harassment.


    By Alejandra Montufar 08 Apr 2016

    he is disturbing again again calling

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