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By margaret chandler 06 Jul 2016

Any help with this number would be appreciated thanks tried go ogling it and nothing.

By Nichole Fairman 30 May 2016

Named my cell.

By Karen Malboeuf 08 Apr 2016

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    By Sam Choffat 06 Apr 2016

    i answered and a guy with an accent said he was calling around my property and gave part of the address. he inquired me for the remainder of it to verify. i said no and he said OK and hung upwards. obviously a scam.


    By Ferlissa Finkley 21 May 2016

    exactly why don't leave a message


    By William Hvizda 03 Jul 2016

    i received a call this morning from this company saying we had requested info involving residence security which i hadn't. i place the telephone down and subsequently received another call from the same company wanting to know why i had rung away. she sounded very competitive . once again i politely said no thank you . all really annoying.


    By Parry Briggs 15 Jun 2016

    there's a code of conduct that all debt collectors are needed to adhere to if they wish to keep their licence. look at the fiscal ombudsman site at a .financial ombudsman.org.public ... carting note.HTML and complain to him about harassment if these folks continue to call. don't warn the caller that you are going to do it just get on and do it. they need to learn their proper responsibilities.


    By Leah Bogomolsky 03 Jul 2016

    the banks are refunding customers who have paid a monthly fee on packaged accounts. for your refund response bank or quit to opt out CBC BR this is the text i received


    By Thomas Strike 12 Apr 2016

    incessant....as i have repeatedly told them i am never going participate within the conversation. they erroneously assume that if they keep calling i will transform my head. ha ha. has the inverse effect.


    By Rohr Carolyn 27 Apr 2016

    multiple phone calls


    By Kate Kushman 29 Apr 2016

    a foreign sounding gentleman who desired me to support my address and afterward said that due to my answers he may only phone once or could telephone again. i asked what company he was from and he said milt gen. i asked what he wanted and he afterward began to duplicate my address. i said that i did not need to response his questions and would favor it if they did not phone again.


    By Randall J marek 27 Feb 2016

    what country would you reside in


    By Joshua Manders 23 Feb 2016

    received a call. no one was on the line after my answer.

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