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By Phyllis Pene 27 Jun 2016

Missed call when i named back said the amount was invalid... attempted twice just within case i had dialed the wrong number. no message blocking

By Mitchell Climons 20 Mar 2016

Who is your number

By Joan Kushner 09 Feb 2016

Got a call from a girl who spoke with a west of Scotland accent. that is the same component of Scotland i am inside. she said she was from fiscal conduct service and i interrupted her to counsel that i was registered with favored telephone subscribers and she shouldn't be calling me. she said it did not use to them and hinted they were a government organization. i challenged that and she said they truly were not so again i told her she shouldn't be cold calling and she became quite officious saying i did not understand what i was talking about and it did not employ to them. i then got a little louder and told her to get away my line ..in a more direct way she than cut off.

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    By Lisa m Seeman 01 Jun 2016

    just had the same experience as everyone Indian woman rang with busted English claiming to be from citizens advice agency UK. funny i inquired her where she was based and she said UK i said where just which was met by a long pause and a meek London. i inquired her what she wanted and she said that i could compose off all my debts with my creditors under this new law for no management fee. sounds enjoy a entire scam. when i said no thank you she hung up


    By Cara Long 30 Apr 2016

    would love to understand who this is please.


    By Donald d Buckley 24 Jun 2016

    got a call from this amount. the caller left no message.


    By lisa neel 19 Jan 2016

    need to know


    By rooky comcast.net Michael 09 May 2016

    anyone understand who this is keeps calling but leaves no message sigh...........


    By Matthew Handy 25 Mar 2016

    no one is on the line.


    By nora cuban 21 May 2016


    By mikeg85735 aol.com Cindy 08 Feb 2016



    By Kevin Souriyavong 13 Mar 2016

    who has named me from this number


    By rebecca lee 09 Jul 2016

    another annoying company who has nothing better to can than keep ringing and when you response no one speaks

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