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By Ariel Neaderthal 16 Feb 2016

The caller left no voice message.

By Payricia Holmes 20 Jan 2016

Texts from this phone number claim to be Homeric with a link for you to promise a tax refund. don't click on the link it is a scam

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    By sheila Lamprecht 12 Jan 2016

    i am a discuss discuss new customer and place upwards a direct debit when i opened the account with them. they have now sent a letter that they have not been paid but the day we received it they have additionally put a limitation on our line and broadband and we were unable to dial out. attempted to call on my cellular telephone but Min's wait time we paid them via an automated system. now reconnected waiting time is Min's to talk to an operator have attempted say no to but no other amount comes up feeling a little conned


    By Clarence Strong 13 Jun 2016

    got a call from this amount. no express message left.


    By Babs Stratton 26 May 2016

    have received a FBI message with this number saying dint answer as it will price you . not sure how or if this is correct have no idea how that would work but better be safe than sorry . i have caller id so dint reply any calls i dint know. if its significant they will leave a message.


    By Yarickshelle Banks 28 Apr 2016

    got a call from this number. any idea who it could be


    By Stacy Froistad 08 Jul 2016

    received call educate that i ha vent redeem my present which i win last year form arbitrary decide. can it be believe. i cannot read Chinese because she given me Chinese website a .weeny.coma.BR BR may someone advise me.


    By Steven Roullier 11 Jun 2016

    hair fizz..Kahlua nark Balkan insuring Cm mania ye..G col say insuring comb Akiva Kahlua tack slap says


    By Christal Jacobs 07 Jun 2016

    becoming harassing calls every day. i told them to remove me from their list. but still keep calling.


    By Hjalmar Beijl 01 Apr 2016

    multiple phone calls


    By Diaz Amparo 29 May 2016

    they have rung a couple of times and leave an automated message on my reply machine.sadly they dint wait for the response machine to finish its message so all i hear is press the hash Kerr morons.


    By Kathy Wyckoff 12 Apr 2016

    hushed call hung upwards on me

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