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By Leiann Taylor 05 Feb 2016

Received a call on land line.

By Kenesia Cason 10 Jan 2016

I am hounded several times a day almost every day by this no.

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    By Rei Igarashi 17 Feb 2016

    called this morning.


    By Johnathan Ditlow 07 Jun 2016

    automated recording call offering poi assistance.BR amount not recognized when dial ling.BR now blocked.


    By robert fuller 14 Mar 2016

    any clues anyone


    By joseph nichols 02 Mar 2016

    unquote Sir Les annex salaries Danes la commune DE... Ave advantages bailable...


    By Teresa a. Thomason 04 Jul 2016

    continuous call from unknown person


    By david shewmake 18 Mar 2016

    recently bought settee from DDS. this and numerous other numbers have rang since. i ignored this one. but others are hushed if i response. suspect DDS sold my details


    By Kayla Cundiff 03 Apr 2016

    dint know this number


    By Inessa Rulli 17 Feb 2016

    they rung me around times within Min's. some sort of Asian man phoning around unsecured debt. i told him i owe thou around thou on mortgage. i let him babble on for about moonstone simply laughed down the telephone at him and told him that I'm retire down my own house and dint owe a penny to anyone. for some reason the phone went dead


    By Jahr Andrew 11 Jun 2016

    phone call


    By Martin Krull 28 Mar 2016

    who is it

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