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By Roger Fouchong 26 Jun 2016

We received a call yesterday.

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    By mark sealey 26 Jan 2016

    as said by others this is the Barclay's fraud team i did not answer the call because it was coming upwards as financial services inside an app and although that is valid it's considerably more specific than that and given the possibility of being a casualty of fraud i would answer it knowing what i do now and they additionally issued a new card a few days earlier due to a high danger of being fraud ed that had been identified generally not that i was victim to it but to make sure it stayed that way but after attempting to renew my domain name within the us they started this activity to double check all was well.BR BR but take attention of what info you give to them they will not ask you anything to would with password pins etc but they will need to ask a couple of questions to pass you through security with me they asked for the account amount in question and the sort code along with my d.o.b. they need to be sure it's you they are talking to subsequently they inquired about a couple of my recent purchases simply to assess they're additionally valid.BR BR but if you have the slightest uncertainty around it or you don't need to reply particular questions as your not sure merely say you will ring them back about it inside x amount of time say they will be excellent around this that manner you could be particular it's your bank as you will be using a amount you know to be true i named via my banking app as you already pass through most of the security and will be certain you are calling a valid number if you ring the ordinary amount simply inquire to be put through to the fraud section and they will sort you out but never ring back a amount that has tried to call you look up a authentic number and call that its the only manner to be particular it is a valid number.BR BR p.s. on a side note the options for call kind don't let for marking legit numbers calls you really need to add some further options to enable users to say it is a genuine call but cu dos for your work and service here.


    By Kelli Godwin 02 Mar 2016

    keeps calling sound on telephone but no one speaks Gere


    By maddog802006 yahoo.com Brian 10 Jun 2016

    repeated calls


    By Mary ellen Buckley 03 Jun 2016

    no one is on the line.


    By Henry Consoli 13 Apr 2016

    does someone know who calls from this number.


    By Natasha Paramore 04 Apr 2016

    a re recorded message around poi claiming.BR dial this number to start your claim and that number to get removed from the poi data base.BR didn't understand there was Nebr another amount for the call blocker.


    By Alicia Huth 11 May 2016

    i need to understand who call from this number to my cell i was on the other line attempting to reach the amount but cant


    By Amanda Glode 17 Feb 2016

    wish they would cease ringing cant reply anyway as I'm working but will go on the reject list now


    By Barbara Wynhoff 27 Mar 2016

    just got a call from claiming to be IRS and filed a suit they wants me to wire cash to their account.


    By tim hamilton 28 Mar 2016

    silent call from computer program me

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