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By Stefanie Crier 01 Apr 2016

Received call from windows tech and she Sarah Williams asked for me by name. said my computer was dumping malicious files onto the server and that we must clean it and cease it. i inquired many questions and she did reply some but eventually said for me to call to have someone connect to my computer to repair the problem. i dint trust this at all

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    By Calvin Brownlee 23 Jun 2016



    By PAMELA A BRANSON 06 Jul 2016

    just got a call from this number on my cell phone


    By Michael Bovan 14 Apr 2016

    tax scam saying legal activity is being taken against you no mention of name. call back or have your lawyer call back and if you do not good chance.


    By Victoria Kluck 02 Apr 2016

    got a phone call from this amount. the caller left no message.


    By Dequan Coppin 18 Jun 2016

    I've merely had one too i didn't answer but I've got a further different numbers blocked all starting with TB I've got tons of blocked numbers from these scum bags id go as far as saying i could print a bloody telephone book


    By Ricardo Pech 06 Mar 2016

    i got call from this number when i pick up they say is AK available i said yes and subsequently she told me that well there's no message we're attempting to reach this number and she said bye


    By Leonard Knows 20 Jun 2016

    several calls from this amount.


    By Brian Mcgugian 10 Jul 2016

    Google code received. thank yob BR wt


    By Bobbi Jude 24 Jun 2016

    had this now as well.....its authentic. luckily my bank account was empty when they attempted.....story of my life Lola can contact your bank directly merely to be sure


    By Angela Ruppert 21 Mar 2016

    named twice today

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