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By Carl Swobodx 02 Jan 2016

When we say no thank you it's precisely what we mean. no don't treat us as if we're dumb or cannot make our own decisions. we do not want your insurance. if you can ensure me that your telemarketing folks will show respect and not call me when i inquire them to. please quit calling. if i desire you i will call you.

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    By Brain Solis 11 Jun 2016

    please who wants what from me


    By Julian Jacob 29 Jun 2016

    watch out received letter inside post wanting insurance details claiming an injury with a auto registered to me. completely bogus letter with the phone amount shown above as the car is scorned seized upward and miles away from the all edged injury place.


    By Howard Odimba 19 Apr 2016

    this telephone number is from a phone from kaiser hospital inside mantes and you cannot call it back you have to go though the hospitals principal telephone line and inquire for your patients room...hope this is helpful


    By Janice Brazzel 22 Apr 2016

    got a call this morning.


    By Lynn Glantz 26 Feb 2016

    just called our business. we answered and a very rude and unprofessional woman on the other end states this call is being recorded for quality and assurance purposes. how are you doing now no hello no good morning no hi this is name from such and such business. nope. the first thing outside of her mouth was that the call was being recorded. who does that i responded with a really polite I'm sorry but i don't agree to have my call recorded as i dint even understand WHO's calling me. her response I am attempting to be as pleasant as potential sir so could i speak to Charles the owner i informed her that there's no Charles here and you re clearly rude and unprofessional afterward i hung upward on her. you could hear that it was a call middle aka monkeys with scripts in the backgrounds because it was incredibly loud. caller id shows upward as amp internet would. if this is how amp runs their business subsequently i undoubtedly wont be doing any business with amp anytime soon that's for damn sure.


    By Philip Kumler 02 Jun 2016

    answered this call only for curiosity benefit because i desired to understand who i was going to be blocking. i got an automated message saying dear customer we've been trying to reach you around your promise life insurance............... i got bored after seconds so didn't listen to all of the message or see if anyone eventually decided upward their call. i expect the try again


    By Rager Phillips 05 Jul 2016

    assess numbers


    By Amanda Nettleman 10 Jul 2016

    did not response this number although it called my ex directory telephone number consecutive times on a bank holiday Monday evening at dinner time after official working Hasbro BR tel no. not recognized but is the code for the UK but who wants calls from an unidentified caller on a bank vacation Monday the entire idea of it being a holiday


    By Danielle Wessels 14 Jun 2016

    I'm not sure


    By Gerard Green 05 Jan 2016

    this individual call me and never response.

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