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By Angel Boyajian 26 May 2016

Was sins DA's Deann fr telephoner MIT x null. war um flack niche Z Hausa.

By Judy Suarez 17 Apr 2016

Please help me to locate this man

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    By Carole Leighton 10 Jun 2016

    no message


    By Nicole Matlick 21 Jun 2016

    need to know


    By Cynthia Hinckle 13 May 2016

    thank god for the internet is all i will say research is a valuable advantage BR BR i had a call now and also the below email i thought it odd that i was being inquired to call for a telephone interview and when the email arrived believed the amount a little odd so decided to Google it and thankfully came across this site with all the details i shall not be calling this amount and additionally not replying to the email. its awful that some company is taking edge of individuals that are outside of work shocking i shall additionally be reporting Hasbro BR many thanks for sending across your c.v. it was wonderful speaking with you now we have taken the time to review your c.v. and are pleased to advise that you have been brief listed for this position as we feel the information supplied meets our standards.BR i could confirm you have been booked inside for a telephone interview on Thursday ND may at .pm.BR please contact us on our chief office line promptly at interview time given on to conduct the interview.BR please kindly response to this email to confirm. i wish you all the best of chance with you program.BR BR BR BR sort regards BR BR Secretary BR BR Paige silvery BR BR BR BR BR BLT recruitment


    By Aaron Link 03 Mar 2016

    anybody understand this number


    By Rachel Thrasher 11 Mar 2016

    had several calls from them telling me they from talk discuss technical dept and wanting me to switch my computer on so they will discuss me through eliminating a fault on my router phoned discuss talk and have them barring the number so now another amount named with the same MSG so barred them again clearly scam as talk discuss checked and refuse striving to get within touch with me so much from genuine. please all be aware.


    By Iesha Langley 30 May 2016

    i got a call from this amount now a foreign sounding man saying that he was looking at my profile and i had unpaid debts. this is rubbish because i dint have any unpaid debts and have only cleared my mortgage. when i asked him which company he worked for he said have a nice day and hung upwards bloody cheek


    By Pamela Baynes 06 Mar 2016

    does anyone understand who the heck this is


    By Jeffrey Trollonger 10 Feb 2016

    who rang me


    By Pamela Rees 17 Mar 2016

    who no is Ti's


    By Crystal Southwood 04 Jun 2016

    who are you

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