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By Donna Clerkin 18 May 2016

No i know nothing about this caller. i even dint decide this number

By Gail Winder 07 May 2016

My mom in law recently went to her bank and filled inside the forms for a big chaps transport.the next day she had a woman ringing asking for confirmation but additionally asking for pin numbers and account numbers etc. to confirm identity. she inquired her for a phone number to ring back and was given this one. checking the Barclay's official site it said this was not a Barclay's amount so she didn't ring it back. after another call they said they would cancel the transfer if she didn't call back. being within her s she is now ill with stress and cant get through to her own branch. there are conflicting views on this number some saying it is legit others saying it is a scam. we are always being told not to give private tips away over the phone and just ring numbers from their official website. if it's legit exactly why on ground have Barclay's not recognized this number on their site.

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    By Reather Vaughn 04 Jan 2016

    a recorded message inquired me to press a digit to enable me to assert an automatic refund for poi MI's selling by major banks.


    By Wanda Gerard 12 Jan 2016

    same here so blocked the number


    By Eileen Rhinesmith 21 Mar 2016

    received a call. no one was on the line after my response.


    By Cramaya Adams 11 Mar 2016

    ax minster England it says when it came up on my cellular telephone really strange.


    By Gjg Ghjgjg 14 Jun 2016

    unknown caller


    By Elmer c Cano 15 May 2016

    attempting to ring me overly but I've now blocked them with my true caller unit


    By Lucrecia Vale 10 Jun 2016

    yes its appliances online but i cant understand exactly why folks here hang up presuming its spam when its an expected call to confirm a delivery slot they have ordered


    By Joseph Feast 15 Mar 2016

    have no notion who it is.


    By Mark Masca 26 Mar 2016

    rang my cellular telephone no MSG left returned call via acreage line and mobile nothing there no ringing no tone nothing


    By Lequisa Dubose 27 Mar 2016

    annoying tel sales call to try and sell me an dismay system despite being registered with taps

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