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By Kiran 10 Jan 2017

This number is calling me for a flight attendant job I applied for

By Kimberly Lahusen 12 Apr 2016

Any ideas who calls from this number

By BRUCE MEADOW 25 Feb 2016

Nuisance call

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    By Terry Weirich 04 May 2016

    its bay corp a debt collection bureau if they get on to you they ask private details of you to affirm who you are.BR you do not have to response these questions as you most likely have had no dealings with this company.BR they have no physical address that you may call intro they often call from Nebr they will ring incessantly generally with a blocked amount they inquire if you head the call being recorded you will say no and the call should be terminated.BR for all one knows they possibly a scam bureau.BR you may educate them that you are record this call and the call should be terminated.BR after s of calls i now treat it as a sport but am tempted to form an net group to sue the pants away these guys for harassment they are claiming to be protecting our solitude but are only harassing. BR PS i have all the receipts from all my bills and they're upwards to date.BR PPS i have emailed them and they still persist within calling from a blocked amount mostly and asking for personal details. though they wont even recognize my email advice ignore and if you actually would have a debt blow off them as well.


    By La nora Freeman 24 May 2016

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    By Nicole Setser 30 Apr 2016

    every afternoon


    By Susan Oprihory 02 Apr 2016



    By Tammy Mooneyhan 11 Jun 2016

    had a call from this number this morning second time they have called. on the last occasion i dial led to say i didn't want to be contacted again and reported call to of com. on this call i thought i would waste their time and pressed to place an order and got disconnected. what exactly is the point


    By ellis smalls 09 May 2016

    kept calling and hanging upwards. i called back and the caller was really abrasive.


    By Donald Rommell 15 May 2016

    who calls from this number and what do they want.


    By Glen Halbman 22 Jun 2016

    a pleasant recording from the scummier IRS wanting me to call back. named the amount doesn't exist.


    By Kevin Baltimore 13 Feb 2016

    also received Rob calls from source claiming to be united health . attempts to talk to a individual were unsuccessful and i hung upwards since i refuse to react to these unsolicited fishing attempts. after a few repeated attempts from that source a Rob call was received from the number identifying itself as Earp on behalf of united welling. again i was unable to raise a human to talk to. i then called the Earp phone and spoke to a rep. named Eric who had no idea of what was going on nor could he place me within touch with anyone who might be competent to describe. i subsequently decided to dial the amount myself and was given three totally unrelated Rob options and referred to the Earp amount that i had already attempted. discuss around a run around.


    By Robert Angone 20 May 2016

    the woman that named she named private usually i dint reply private calls but i was becoming my hair done and accidentally replied. she said she was calling from a Washington st.Tammany hospital and said my total name. i hung up and called the local hospital they said no employees is allowed to call private and they even pulled my medical records and there was nothing wrong. additionally this number named my fathers amount pretending they were from the same hospital and stated that i was inside the hospital and for him to come quickly and that my SOB was already on the manner. whoever this person is you need to quit playing.

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