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By Stephen Wanda 21 Jun 2016


By Delter Chesser 24 May 2016

Has named multiple times no message left

By Candice Guillory 02 Mar 2016

Phoned me simply to declare and shout down the telephone. very abusive.

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    By Hicham Ouafi 26 Jun 2016

    charge of on my bill for two calls to this number. i dint recognize it.


    By R Berfield 09 Jan 2016



    By Kathleen Schaal 06 Jul 2016

    exactly why the call


    By Carlynn Patterson 20 Apr 2016

    calling me and testing me with immoral words


    By Joanne Chambers 21 Apr 2016

    got a call from a with unknown name. they called after midnight. i didn't response it. any ideas who this could be. i have a telephone line Thur fundamental discuss from Walmart and not a real property line.


    By Stacy Mcgatha 11 Jun 2016

    i need these texts to quit now.


    By jonathan atalig 31 May 2016

    city Gilbert BR got mine today too march . went on and on around my Microsoft windows application and something being incorrect had the hefty accent. when i told him the computer i am working on is a mac it went dead hushed.


    By Gayle Mason 24 May 2016

    did not answer and number cant be called. most likely chilly calling.


    By Barry Mccollum 25 May 2016

    i had a call tom so amount and replied it as i understand inverses. i experienced same para. sounded an oriental person. needless to say i told them where to go politely of course


    By Rimma Kruzhkov 14 Apr 2016

    hung upward after one ring. called back. automated message as follows you've reached benefit redemption's. you lately visited among our affiliated websites. i hung upwards at this point.

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