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By Informed Dude 24 May 2017

Scam! Builtin caller ID says Acurian Health. Why are they telling me about eligibility for student loan relief that was paid off almost 40 years ago? New programs for such not even passed by Congress yet, and have been cut by Tramp administration. Guess if you throw enough fecal matter at the wall, some idiot will believe it.

By Misty Sloan 28 May 2016

Called and played a prank on me

By Abel James 10 May 2016

I do not know

By Sharron Winder 27 Mar 2016

Dint know who called me

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    By Kerri Brush 23 May 2016

    Lisa from green something survey. you've won a free trip to the Bahamas


    By Mitsi Kojima 28 Mar 2016

    this is a UK report so the amount is . sounds a bit enjoy wick and a bit like basing stoke . but URL it's not just a fake amount its an entire fake std code no message left i have blocked it.


    By Jay Thgipen 29 Jun 2016

    we received a call from this number yesterday.


    By Erica St.bernard 13 Jul 2016

    keeps calling but hangs upward before i answer


    By Amanda Reese-hecker 13 Jun 2016

    called this morning regarding free Caribbean travel. i only answered because of death inside family dint know if a amount is legit at this time and even though i told her that and i was not interested she kept talking and refused to end the call. hung upwards on her.


    By Van Bockhaven 14 Mar 2016



    By Vasudevanand Kher 29 Jan 2016

    got a call


    By Christine Bolmeier 22 Apr 2016

    the caller did not leave any message.


    By Nancy Calvin 09 Apr 2016

    i dint know the caller but the caller aims he kn owns me..he is threatening me


    By Cheylynn Owen 01 Jun 2016

    this number keeps calling as well as and .. i finally answered the and they hung up as soon as i said hello .. superb annoying

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