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By TruBlueUpstate 14 Apr 2017

This is a delivery company calling to confirm delivery times. They deliver appliances for Home Depot.

By MARBAIS JAMES 16 Jan 2016

Or if you have registered with their free last amount barring service you could dial and bar them totally. samples.

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    By Ken Roostee 20 Jan 2016

    i merely received an automated call from saying they were calling from Boeing employees credit union and i needed to reactivate my card and it wanted me to give them my cc. i wouldn't type anything within so it hung up on me. i called be cu and they said i wasn't the st person this morning calling around the same matter and that be cu didn't call and dint give them any info. another scam


    By Zcharlotte Demers 05 May 2016



    By Vangie Guilas 06 Jul 2016

    lee Dickson con man and tear away merchantable BR lee Dickson Angela catgut angrier b bangle crescent tallboy allow FL BR BR informality.Dobro lacteal.comber Skype Debra Skype LCD BR


    By Tabitha Trujillo 06 Apr 2016



    By Yomira Mora 10 Jun 2016

    only got a call from this number on my cell phone


    By Shad Mills 13 Jun 2016

    no caller id


    By Wenona Mate 11 Jul 2016

    another caller id that says unknown name unknown amount. dint leave a message. anyone understand who this is


    By Isacc Linarez 25 Feb 2016

    who is calling me


    By Will Dytor 18 Mar 2016

    only received a call from this number cant recall the name of the company the man said he was from but said he was ringing to give me info on new pensions. i inquired him exactly why would he be calling to give me info free of charge he said their business is paid by an Ufa independent fiscal advisor to can this. i then asked exactly why they would do this without gaining something financially he said he was only doing his occupation for the cash and could not supply me with the information i requested. i told him i worked for the government and that i would locate out anything i need to know from them still not sure exactly why a private company funded by a private company would give you something for nothing


    By Denise Olkoski 29 May 2016

    who is this caller

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